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Thread: LE UOF Video thread

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    All I have to say is 5 years left and I’m done. Listen to the “activists” on this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obelisk View Post
    All I have to say is 5 years left and I’m done. Listen to the “activists” on this one:

    Clown World
    Better the officer should just let himself be killed than defend himself. What was he thinking?

    Ordinarily I'd say it's pathetic...but evil seems more appropriate.
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    Similar stuff, although actually much worse, happened to me more years ago than I want to admit. I lived, he didn't; I felt bad for his family and angry at what I was forced to do; haters had to hate; media had to spin; politicians and wannabe politicians had to get air time.

    On most every OIS I have to deal with now, one my first questions is the race/ethnicity/color of the guy shot. Because I care about that stuff on some personal level or think a different standard applies or the value of human life is measured by such things? No, because it gives me a sense of what we are going to see from those for whom skin color is all that matters or who want to get as much ink or air time as possible when cops have to use deadly force against someone of color.

    I am putting soapbox away now.

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    Looks like the passenger side officer has a 4506. Takes him a while to decock, but he does and flips it back off safe, as you would with a 3rd gen.

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