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Thread: LE UOF Video thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleverNickname View Post
    It's possible for California residents to legally possess >10-round magazines, either because they owned them before the mag ban, or if they bought them during Freedom Week. The P365 was released in 2018 and Freedom Week was in 2019, so it's at least possible. I guess the owner just needs to hope that if he did break the law that his mags don't have date codes on them.
    I think the simplest, most likely explanation is that it was a cops gun. As noted in another thread, the 365 series are the most popular off duty/backup guns for cops in California, and likely many other places. 365 series guns were available on the secondary market for private citizens, but at heavily inflated prices (2-3 times retail, on average). They weren't available for purchase directly to private citizens until they were added to the roster late last year.

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    Police Shootout With Fleeing Armed Robbers At Illegal Game Room.

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