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Thread: Sig P365 - Single Stack 9mm w/10+1 and 12+1

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    Interesting. I'm not going to swap out my Shield, but they'll probably sell a bunch.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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    Looks promising. Maybe they cracked some magic magazine engineering code to get that capacity into a single-ish stack gun. Once version 1.2478-B is out I'll start paying it more serious mind.

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    It's a SIGmuh...
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    Actually, it sounded fairly positive to me. My wife has three G43's, and all of them have needed work in one way or another. Her original gave us btf after around 700 rounds and since there is no Apex extractor for it, I just bought OEM parts and replaced everything. It works fine now, but I bought at least two extra of every extractor system part for the next time it gives btf. We also installed a grip plug and night sights on all three, and two needed a $0.25 trigger job, while one has a Ghost connector, since even the new (-) connector didn't give a reasonable trigger pull.

    We have tried the Vickers TD magazine extensions, and while we have yet to have any issues with them over hundreds of rounds, they do not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. The last round is very hard to load, and the springs make strange noises when loading the last two rounds, but, again, in hundreds of rounds they have never been an issue. However, when she carries the G43, it is always loaded with the six round OEM magazine in an ankle holster, with two spare six rounders on the opposite ankle. She carries this way because she had cancer surgery that basically gutted her and left her with a "flap". Carrying anything larger than a G42 on a belt means cinching up the belt so tight as to be extremely uncomfortable for her. While I shoot the G43 fine, I simply cannot get the magazines to fall free, for no matter how I try, some part of my hand gets in the way. That and the mediocre triggers have not endeared it to me, and the G26 I tried didn't do anything for me that the G19 didn't also do, but better. Now the 19's have been replaced by something I shoot far better.

    We've had two M&P Shields, but the first was ruined by a big name custom gunsmith (when we got it the first three shots at 25 yards were touching, when we got it back, it shot patterns!) and the second was not as accurate, and the trigger was pretty awful. They are both gone now.

    We both tried a Walther PPS M2 and it ended up being sold. It gave me a blister on my trigger finger, the trigger pull was heavy and the sights were mediocre.

    All personal things, since everyone is built different and has different medical histories, or are too young and healthy to realize they too are finite. but in the end she settled on the G43, for better or for worse. We have a ton of extra magazines and parts -- especially for the extractor. Now Sig comes along with a similarly sized pistol that needs nothing done to it (if the trigger is anything close to the P320), has a higher magazine capacity, and is ready to carry after testing it (the same testing we do for any new pistol.). I do not see any of this as a negative. As for the first day reliability, it was very cold and as soon as they changed the lubricant, the problem disappeared. To me that may be a clue. Then again, it may have an issue, but if no one tries these pistols for whatever personal reason, a potential game changer may never take off.

    I have been looking for something smaller than my carry pistols, primarily to use as a BUG. This P365, at this point, without seeing or shooting it, certainly MAY fill that bill. Time will tell, but I cannot rule it out simply because it says Sig on the slide. We have three other Sigs that are terrific.

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    Somewhere in my post history is me saying glock could have had something legendary in the 43 if they would have just slightly increased the grip width and length to hold ten rounds in a flat base mag, I'm talking millimeters in grip circumference and maybe 2 centimeters of length, as it stands nobody in their right mind runs their 43 with the flat 6 round mag, at the very least you have a plus 1 pearce or plus 2 from some company, so the length is already there.

    I need to run it like everyone else to see but I think sig may have moved the ball down the field with this thing, time will tell.
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    After the problems my agency had with our Sigs, I had with my own and the way the P320 situation was handled it won't be on my list to buy or recommend but I am interested in the way they achieved the capacity in that package size. I'm also glad Sig is adjusting the drop testing.

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    On a safety-critical standard like drop testing, it's a plaintiff attorney's dream for them to really not go back and test older models by the new standard. It's one thing when the older model is out of production, it's something else when they continue selling it unchanged (and reportedly not even tested) after the new standard is implemented. Just sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delkancott View Post
    We must have been typing at the same time.
    Clearly, and with the way my inbox has been filling with announcements of this, I'm not surprised.

    Not gonna lie: I occasionally pocket-carry a Keltec PF9, and if I can replace it with a Ruger or Sig product, I'll be happy to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill View Post
    Looks promising. Maybe they cracked some magic magazine engineering code to get that capacity into a single-ish stack gun.
    The mags look like Shield'ish "stack and a half" magazines.
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    Just wait until the Nightmare Voodoo Xtreme version comes out and the first 2 recalls errr....... voluntary upgrades are in the rearview mirror.
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