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Thread: IDPA has added carry optics

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    Not provisional anymore...Interesting that CO will use ESP classifier brackets.

    Carry Optics adopted as an IDPA Division

    from IDPA

    This week, IDPA will be releasing an updated version of Appendix C for Carry Optics for immediate use by our membership. This new release adopts the classifier brackets found for Enhanced Service Pistol as the brackets for Carry Optics. By finalizing the classifiers for this division, it becomes easier for clubs to recognize this growing division for their matches at every level of our sport.

    Carry Optics has become a popular division for many of our members and we are responding to this enthusiasm by finalizing the outstanding issues found in the provisional rules. We are also going to recognize Carry Optics at next year’s World Championship match being held again in Talladega the week of October 21st through the 26th. Classifier scores will be accepted into the system.

    Members are encouraged to contact their Area Coordinator if they have any questions concerning this change. We hope you will enjoy the changes. See you at the range.
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    Interesting for sure.
    IDPA CO is ESP with dot, so if there is an advantage to the dot, classification will be higher.
    And since one auto classification applies to all auto divisions, we will see a lot of bumps.
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