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Thread: Bullets forward vs. bullets out mag pouches?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    For me, the performance difference in position between BO and trad, is not enough to outweigh commonality with my EDC mag position. What is important to me, is that the mag pouches are cut down enough to give me a good grip on the magazine. For that, I really like Blade-Tech competition mag pouches.

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    What holster is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Up1911Fan View Post
    What holster is that?
    Looks Bladetech.

    Last week I broke 2 sec for a live standing reload out of pouch #5 for the first time. Not a mind boggling achievement but a pretty big deal for this B class shooter. I don't care bullets in or out from the first or second pouch but once I go way around the back, bullets out is a no contest for me.

    I understand that the above was written in a language foreign to CO, Limited or IPSC shooters.
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