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Thread: My strange love of the Combat Masterpiece

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    Sometime about 2005 I found a 4" 19-3 with a lot of holster wear but good mechanically for $275 so I grabbed it. My dad had carried one as a cop in the early 90's but had to sell it. He pestered me to sell him mine for the longest time so I eventually bought a GP100 and left the 19 with him.

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    K Frame love is nothing strange.
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    If there could be only one, it would definitely be a 4 inch Model 19 Blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushytale View Post
    If there could be only one, it would definitely be a 4 inch Model 19 Blue.
    But that is a "combat magnum" not a "combat masterpiece."

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    Model 15. A Gunbroker win for under $300 a couple of years ago. Looks a bit rough, shoots better than I do.

    I've got medium-sized hands, and a K-frame feels better to me than a J, L, or N. Funny how that works...

    A 4" or 6" K-frame with light-to-moderate loads makes a great "next step" from a .22LR. And for folks whose only revolver experience is an airweight J-frame --- you're missing a treat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheNewbie View Post
    Was the 4 inch model 14 issued by LAPD?
    Didn't their gunsmiths cut their Model 14s from 6" to 4"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    But that is a "combat magnum" not a "combat masterpiece."
    I feel your pain, H. Preach it brother!

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    I wish I still had my old M15. The present M67 is good but just not the same.
    I DO still have my "pre-18". A 4" K22 is just about right.
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    I have a love hate with the Model 15. I was hired by my agency from a police supply company after I sold them P-220's for the SWAT Team. When I was ready to go to the academy I had a pair of gorgeous custom 686's that were perfectly tuned and dialed in (4" and 2.75"). The staff at the PD knew I was both a gun person and a competitive shooter, so to teach me a lesson early I was given the biggest pile of shit Model 15 4" known to mankind and was ordered to shoot it through the Academy and could not use my own guns. It was missing the right half of the rear sight, had obviously been involved in some sort of accident and was simply a pice of junk that would "fire" but otherwise was crap. I did well with the gun and easily took first place in the Combat Shoot portion of our testing. I had top scores throughout the Academy and was set to win the Top Gun award. During the Top Gun shoot I was winning with both time and score (luckily I was way ahead on time) when I got to the last phase and punched out my empty cylinder and went to speed load my last six, the entire cylinder came out in my hand with the yoke. I found out the hard way that the yoke retaining screw was completely stripped and was glued into the gun. I reassembled the gun after finding the screw on the ground and just shoving it in with hand pressure and ripped my last six rounds just as the time expired. Having to severely rush the last phase cost me and I lost the Top Gun shoot by 1 fricking point to a Deputy shooting a customized 6" 686. I hated the Model 15! Hated anything to do with the Model 15 and refused to own anything that looked like a Model 15. I turned my Academy gun in the first Monday morning I started with my agency and carried a 4" Model 25-5 backed up with a Model 13 3" and a Model 38 Bodyguard on my ankle.
    Fast forward to more recently. I have several 2" Model 15's that are great shooters. I inherited a 4" Model 15 from a relative that was his Orange County Sheriff's reserve duty gun (which was basically his title for being a hunting buddy with the Sheriff in the getting a badge for being the Sheriff's hunting buddy from Safari Club days of law enforcement). That gun is now set up with Fuzzy Farrant grips to match Pete Malloy's gun from Adam-12. I also have a 6" Model 14 with Farrant that is what Malloy carried in the early seasons.

    Regarding cut 14's. Yep, they were done in the days of Revolver shooting being very serious business. One of my most prized possessions is a 1965 Hanen Special that is a factory 4" Model 14 super heavy barrel that is now equipped with John Hurst grips. If I was ever shooting with money on he line, that is the gun that I would liklely carry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    I feel your pain, H. Preach it brother!
    I have a 4” M15 and. 4” M18. A 2” M15 has been on my want list for some time.

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