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    I think what JTmCC is getting at is John Bianchi is the guy who invented the holster. He still makes it:

    Actually, it was Bruce Nelson who invented the so-called "Askins Avenger" type holster. Nelson's holster, most often made as a straight-drop, is still available from Milt Sparks Leather as the #55BN .


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    I received my Highwayman for my 3" M10. It's cordovan with black trim, pictures to follow. I ordered it on 21 July and received it on 13 September. I tried it on when I got it, and it is stiff. My first draw almost caused a wedgie. It gradually got better, this is a holster that needs a bit of break-in. I went to the range today and ran some drills with it and had no problems with the draw.

    It doesn't squeak! At least not with the Wilderness Instructor belt I'm wearing today. I haven't tried it yet with a leather belt. The last two leather holsters I ordered were from Kramer in horsehide and they do squeak, even on a non-leather belt.

    I'm liking it so far.

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