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Thread: Winter Shooting Buddy Wanted: Clearwater FL

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    Winter Shooting Buddy Wanted: Clearwater FL

    Looking for a shooting buddy in the Tampa (Clearwater) area for this winter.

    I began shooting in 2014. I started in USPSA last year and have done three matches as a Senior U shooter in Production.

    I took a couple courses this summer including Tom Givens 2-day Combative Pistol in Everett WA.

    Iím looking for someone who shares mutual interests, for periodic (monthly?) Range visits, and to participate in USPSA matches (at Wyoming Antelope Club / Pinellas County).

    For square range visits, I prefer Shoot Straight on Ulmerton Rd, but Iíve shot at most every indoor range in the greater Tampa area.

    PM me, or post in the thread if you are interested in meeting up for a trial session.

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