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Thread: Fixed blade picture thread

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    Fixed blade picture thread

    I have a small collection of fixed blades that I'll be expanding upon in the future. Please feel free to post pictures of your fixed blade knives for discussion. Here are a few examples that I own.

    Blind Horse Knives - Frontier First Heritage Edition (Sambar Stag antler). One day this will be my son's first knife. (Jan/12 Special)

    BHK - Frontier Trapper (Dec/11 Special)

    ESEE 4

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    Posting these for WB:

    Name:  Szabo Express, black.jpg
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    Name:  Crawford Fixed Kasper, 5 inch blade, black.jpg
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    Thanks TCinVA, I really appreciate your help on this.

    The top knife is Szabo Express that Laci was offering at this year's Blade Show. It's only when I got home that I realized I really liked the design.

    The second is a Crawford Fixed Kasper.

    Both knives have 5" blades and are really lively in the hand.

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    ESEE Izula
    (and surefire E1B for size reference)

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    Crappy pic of a great knife:

    Halloran 360s in CPM154CM.

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    Skookum Bush Tool, Carver One of my two favorite all around field knives.

    Name:  IMG_0149.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by texag View Post
    Halloran 360s in CPM154CM.
    Good looking knife. I'm on Halloran's waiting list for a custom 360 and should have it around summer time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRISH View Post
    Good looking knife. I'm on Halloran's waiting list for a custom 360 and should have it around summer time.
    Picked mine up on an impulse browse of Bladeforums. This was one of his earlier knives, not that you could tell. Not the exact thing I'd choose if buying new, but it's been and continues to be a great do everything knife.

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    Chuckling is permitted

    Wow some really nice blades in this thread. I really need to invest in a quality custom knife so I have something respectable to hand down to my kids when they are ready.

    Here is my first fixed blade knife my pop's gave me when I was a kid that I've used for about 25 years. It's a $2 Imperial knife (guess pop's didn't like me much that day) that has served me well suprising despite the low cost. I've recently been using a Mora Classic #2 and really dig it considering it's a $14 knife. It's light with sheath,krylon and magnesium rod/half SKS stripper clip striker. Sharpens easily and works good in the kitchen, hiking and hunting. I'm hoping to harvest some Javelina meat the end of this month.

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    I still have one of those Imperials around here somewhere.
    I bought it from a hardware store that was going out of business. I think the price was $3.

    I ought to find it again and sharpen it up.

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