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Thread: Kimber K6S first range session, pics

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    Kimber K6S first range session, pics

    Guys, I have been contemplating buying a K6S Kimber recently and decided before I spend the amount of money theu want for one that I should rent one. I located a local range the other day that had one to rent so off I was. i shot it and my S&W 642PC gun and was amazed at the difference the K6 had over the j Frame. Now I know the K6 weighs 7 more onces and has better sights but it was so much better for me than the j Frame! After having a positive experience with the range K6S, I was hooked. I actually happened upon a night sighted version and bought it at a decent price. The range gun had the standard 3 dit white sights which I was comfortable with but the night sighted version was cheaper than the 3 white dot sighted one so I figured i was at the right place at the right time so I caved and bought it...

    I took my K6 to the range yesterday and shot 117 rounds out of it with NO issues. Below is some of the groupings of my new gun. I am very pleased with this gun and am actually pretty good with it. I threw in a grouping from my duty carry Glock 19 gen 4 for comparison. Sorry I did not take a pic of my gun as I was too excited about the groupings. I will follow up with that later as well as some other things I discovered. I shot Winchester 130 grain, Remington 130 grain, Magtech 158 grain (pretty hot loads), Speer Gold Dot 135 grain +P short barrel (my carry rounds), Hornady XTP, and some Remington 357 magnums (those were fun). All of the below groupings were fired at 7 yards to just see where I was at. The 158 grain Magtechs shot high to point of aim but fine out at 15 & 25 yards. I will post pics of more of my outings as I continue to shoot and love this gun.

    I am still amazed at the accuracy that I was getting compared to my Glock on my first range trip. Have I told you how much I love this gun yet...

    If any of you care, I can keep everyone updated on my experiences with this new gun.... Thought I would pass this along since there is not much on these guns yet...
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    Here is my gun after I got some Altamont grips and a aiwb holster made. Got both of these at the guns show this past weekend. great gun so far, I am impressed...

    alos qualified with it for duty/off duty carry last friday and shot a perfect score. opota quals are 25 rounds....
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    This is great and I look forward to updates. I've handled two in stores and was pretty much floored by the fit and finish and DA trigger pull. Really impressive. When it was intro'd at the SHOT reviewers said "like a tuned K frame" which is pretty bold. IMO, yeah that's pretty much it except its a shorter over all DA stroke I think.
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    Thanks for posting. Very interested in this Kimber. Tried one in a LGS last week and greatly impressed with action and the ability to move the rear sight. Injured my left hand shooting wrist as a kid and cant all my guns to the right as I shoot. Forever messing with loads and KY windage on fixed sighted guns. Looks like I can dial this snubbie in.

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    Thanks for the report. I, too, look forward to any updates you want to share.
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    I recall shooting one a while ago and liking it. I'm interested in this thread

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    Definitely interested in this bandwagon - 6 shot and hammerless. I've held it before and loved the trigger. I guess just waiting for a good price.

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    Actually saw a 3” version at the Chantilly, VA gun show. Seller was asking $900ish range, if I recall.
    It would be interesting to do a high round count revolver class with one.

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    I am about to get one. Samples I’ve looked have been really well finished, everything works without a hitch, great sights, great trigger,
    They are more expensive, granted, but it seems you are getting your monies worth. Can’t wait to shoot one. Hope they keep them coming. Would love to see .327, 9mm. Maybe even an aluminum frame and some .22 WMR, .22 LR.

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    Any update from our K6S owner?

    How is the gun performing as you put more and more rounds down range?

    Any issues or quirks?


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