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Thread: Interstate suppressor travel (Moving)

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    Interstate suppressor travel (Moving)

    What documents do I need to move my suppressors from my old home state to my new state?

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    Nothing. 18 USC 922(a)(4) requires approval (a form 5320.20) for interstate moves of SBRs, SBSes, machine guns and destructive devices, but it is not required for AOWs or silencers. Apparently the ATF will approve a 5320.20 for a silencer or AOW if you submit one, but why bother?

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    Not a lawyer. As noted above, it is not required for AOW or Silencers.

    That being said, it might be worth the paperwork just as a CYB if you get stopped/questioned. I have a world of respect for LE, but remembering which NFA items need a 5320.20 and which don't (or in some cases even knowing what NFA is) might not be something I'd leave to chance.

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    ETA: By chance, I mean relying on the officer being familiar with what's legal and what's not on the side of a road, at a range (approached by police), or if you're out hunting and get stopped by a warden, etc. (assuming it's legal where you're hunting, etc.).
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    While not required for cans, I always get an approved 5320.20 when I leave the state with one for the reasons BWT cites. In my experience the knowledge of 99% of street cops on the whole subject of rules around NFA items is very thin. The 5320.20 itself can somewhat easily be verified with ATF by the LE's dispatch/office/hq as I understand it, and it clearly spells out where you are allowed to be with them on the form itself.

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    The realistic answer is that I doubt the BATFE cares one bit about much of anything, to be honest, based on how sloppy their work is in my own experience. They don't even have the answers to many things regarding moving. They don't even write the same serial numbers on approved stamps as is on the form sometimes. They just do whatever TF they feel like doing, and less work is always better for people who cannot be fired (government).

    use the item in commission of a crime, or go somewhere like Colorado's larger cities, and you will find people who care, but by and large, the BATFE doesn't.

    The letter of the law is 5320.20 for SBR and SBS and probably DD, as well, although on the latter I'm not sure, as most people don't Form 4 pipe bombs...except that one last week in my FB news feed.

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    The National Firearms Act Handbook can be a handy reference.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendell View Post
    The National Firearms Act Handbook can be a handy reference.

    Be advised the NFA Handbook is several years out of date and has erroneous information.

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    What is the best source for up to date info?

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    The actual code section and the FFL Newsletters. Your friendly neighborhood SOT can be a good resource as well.

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    When you visit the ATF website you're invited to "sign up for updates" to "Get the latest updates from The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives".

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