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Thread: 1911 picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by defilade View Post
    I have been thinking about having one of my 1911 cut for an RMR. Then I saw that Springfield now has a few models with an RMR from the factory. So I am now a proud owner of a MC Operator 1911!
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    Nice, Iíve only seen their 10mms with RMR.

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    I think Springfield's 10mm TRP pistol(s) with the factory mounted RMR (5" & 6" long slide) has been discontinued and the MC Operator line must be taking its place in the line-up.
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    This is my first post, I finally have my 1911 where I want it and need to show someone.

    Kimber Custom II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt_J View Post
    This is my first post, I finally have my 1911 where I want it and need to show someone.

    Kimber Custom II
    So what did you have done to it?

    I do like the look of two-tone 1911ís
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason F View Post
    So what did you have done to it?

    I do like the look of two-tone 1911ís
    Front strap checkered by Kimber
    Kimber Premium 2-Hole Trigger
    Kimber Tactical Bump Grip Safety
    Kimber Ambi Safety
    Kimber Stainless Barrel Bushing
    S&A 1-Piece Mag Guide
    Wilson Combat Guide Rod
    Wilson Combat Checkered Recoil Plug
    Ed Brown Magazine Release Spring
    VZ Slant Grips - Black Magwell no Ambi Cut
    (Waiting on my VZ Stainless Flathead Screws)

    Then I adjusted the trigger and rubbed all the stainless parts down with Norwex Cleaning Paste to improve the finish and make everything as uniform as I could and it turned out really well. All the Kimber parts were dull when they arrived, now they look better than the originals. The Wilson Combat Recoil Plug is the shiniest part on the gun so I didn't touch it. The S&A Magwell was pretty good out of the bag but I still rubbed it down with the paste and used a toothbrush on the checkering and it came out really well. Now the checkering pops and all the parts have a bright satin finish.

    Here it is with only the checkering done.

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    1911s Come In Flavors

    This is a Kimber Ultra Refined Carry Pistol (RCP) II.
    Crimson Trace Laser Grips.
    Gutter Punk Sights.
    All sharp edges on slide stop and thumb safety smoothed and dehorned. Edges on left side of the hammer beveled and smoothed.
    Black cerakoted slide
    3" ramped barrel
    7 round Officer's alloy frame with round butt.

    This one resides in a Don Hume leather pocket holster.
    It's as smooth as a babies bottom.
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    Combat Commander manufactured in 1975. Purchased by my father the same year at a little hole-in-the-wall gunstore in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was seven that year and thought it was great that dad had bought the same gun that John Wayne used. I didn't understand that Wayne would have used a 1911A1 in his WWII movies and it wouldn't have mattered. Dad sent it to Kings in 78 and had that hard chrome finish applied. He held onto it because it was my favorite. One of the first pistols he taught me how to shoot as well. Those are the original factory grips. I inherited in in 2016. It will stay with me.
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    1911 picture thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    What makes it more better than the 2.5?
    Looking at the picture, it looks like the holster sits a little lower than possible with a stock 2.5. Might also have a little reverse cant.

    I modded my 2.5 to ride about 1/4Ē lower and itís noticeably better for me.

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