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Thread: 1911 picture thread

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    So per request, more pics. I bought this STI 2011 45 about 10 years ago off the Brian Enos forum - do not remember who but think it was active industry insider. No idea who built it but is seems to be a limited edition with a "vanity serial number". It was a package deal with multiple magazines - some STI some SV, some 10, 12, 14. It was worn when I got it and a previous owner apparently coated it with some type of spray on finish that did not wear well. No idea about round count - a bunch. I have put a few thousand through it - all 200 SWC over Clays or Bullseye. It is very accurate - most accurate pistol I own (no, I do not have any measured groups at 50 yards etc.). It has a ramped KART barrel with a Briley bushing barrel with a replaceable bushing insert. Very nice trigger - do not have a trigger gauge. It came with an "Infantry Blue" aka light blue STI grip but I replaced with a black STI Grip. Came with Novak "half moon" rear sight and an XS big dot front sight - I upgraded to Warrens with black front blade. Only issue is sometimes does not lock back on empty mag - I replaced followers and that seemed to fix it - may swap mag springs soon. I have a Para P14 and P16 that I used for USPSA Limited - always wanted an STI and bought this when I got the chance. It is "ugly" but frankly I like it as I just shoot the heck out of it and never worry about cosmetics. Name:  STI_1.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by theJanitor View Post

    Sorry I missed this until now. Just a Classic 1911. Thanks, Janitor.

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    Love, love that classic two tone look! I can't make out the words by the muzzle, who did that pistol?

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    Frank Glenn in AZ did that in the 90s

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    @StraitR clear out your inbox, need to send you a PM.
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    New New Agent

    Always liked the size of the smaller 1911s, but not so much the features. Talked to Ned Christiansen about which small one might be easiest to add sights to, and ensure reliability. Ned suggested the New Agent - - - the one with the ditch/gutter "sight". I wanted a 9mm, and found one lightly used at a good price. Asked Ned to use his Shield Driver rear sight, and to put a fiber optic sight on the front (better to see with my old eyes). And . . . if you [Ned] have time, what about a beavertail, and a better thumb safety, and . . .

    So here's how it ended up:
    Name:  Final-New-Agent-1w.jpg
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    And here's a close up of the front sight.
    Name:  New-Agent-Front-Sight-1w.jpg
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    Ned left a bit of the gutter at the muzzle to drop in a made-from-scratch front sight (notice all the "windows" to let more light hit the fiber). He then cross-pinned it, and also cut a T-slot to slide the sight in from the front for additional security.

    The front strap was serrated, but Ned matched the spacing with cross cuts to create a perfect checkering job. He is not happy without an out-of-the-ordinary challenge.

    Ned ran a variety of 9mm through it, as did I (HST, Critical Defense, ball, Xtreme Penetrator, etc). It's not missed a beat.

    Yes, retro. But then, so am I.

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    I love seeing the solutions Ned comes up with for the variety of challenges that he encounters

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    @flyrodr, I had one of those new agents in 9mm. Utterly reliable. The Colt Custom shopóback when they had oneódid the re-engineering on those guns to make them work. Best short 1911s ever, and they generally have a good reputation.
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