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Thread: Pets!

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    Sorry for your loss. I think those of us who have gone down that road all ache a little along with you.
    Dare to speak the truth

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    Reposting my dog pic from the vodka thread...

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    That's our Jameison(RIP), 2nd from right, with a few of his buddies from our friend Natalie's dalmatian rescue, shortly before we adopted him.

    Here's our current two:

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    Ember, our 2 year old female on the left, and Sprite, our 8(!) year old male on the right. Sprite is a lemon spotted dal, was sick as a puppy and that's why he's so small. Sprite also came from Natalie.

    They love playing tug with thrift store stuffed animals, hence the random bits of cloth and stuffing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blues View Post
    Sorry for your loss. I think those of us who have gone down that road all ache a little along with you.
    Couldn't possibly put it any better. RIP good boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAWBONES View Post

    Sweet old fella. (You can see he was old enough to have developed cataracts.)
    This is the hard time. Talk about the good memories, so you can lock them in your heart.

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    Yesterday I saw our black dog running around the yard in circles really fast with something sticking out her rear end. The poor dog somehow got a bamboo leaf stuck in her girl parts.

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    Rabbit guarding the gun safe door in the back room.

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