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Thread: Pets!

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    Poor fucker. I got my Blue from one of the best guard guys in all the game.

    He's fucked.
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    My beloved and long passed Akita mix, Samson. I used to introduce him to people with a series of pictures:

    This is Samson, he's a good boy, but don't try to pet him.
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    Samson's very interested in what you're doing...I, uh, still wouldn't try to pet him.
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    I'd knock that shit off if I were you!
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    Wonderful beastie, but his Akita-tude was his undoing. At about 5yrs of age he reached the point of Trust is for Dad and all others pay cash...or blood. I still miss him...

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    That's a great photo.
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    LL- gorgeous dog & an unbelievably cute kid.

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    Shepherds are so damn snuggly looking, it's easy to forget they like eating the peoples given the right circumstances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elkhitman View Post
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    Great looking pup. What is he?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willard View Post
    Great looking pup. What is he?
    I think he looks either apologetic or hungry, but he's still young with a limited range of expression.

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