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Thread: Pets!

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    Here is my fat cat

    My friend's dog Gracie came over for a play date today. Gracie was recently adopted last week.

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    My Pups

    Bia, Rhod Ridgeback/German Shepard mix at 5 months

    Shasta (6 year Lab/Terrier mix) and Bia Playing

    Shadow (11 year old lab that we lost this year) and her sis Shasta

    All of our dogs are rescues.

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    Moving Target
    I can play.

    This is my cat. he's pretty cool.

    this is my dog. he's also pretty cool.
    I don't understand what's happening, but I have a soldering iron.

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    Teddy, a pit bull/corgi mix:

    About 7 ft up in a tree. He was going after a squirrel. Getting down didn't work out so well:

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    Nobody is impressed by what you can't do. -THJ

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    The Belgian Security Team

    Nacho the the Belgian Malinois and Vera the FAL


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    New Hampshire
    Name:  HK45.jpg
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    Protecting the house..... or sleeping on the job....

    and yes the gun was triple checked to make sure it was clear

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    Newport, Mi
    My labradoodle

    i also have a black lab and chocolate but no pictures.

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    N. Georgia
    My boy ....

    ... an 8yo lab/golden cross.

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