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I bought a Ruger 22 thinking that it would help me improve my shooting, without breaking my bank. What I found is that I shoot the 22 very well, but when I shoot my 9mms I still pull my shots to the right. (I shoot left-handed.) I guess what I learned from the 22 is that I'm having recoil-control issues.

Be sure that, for both the .22 and your 9mm, you grip the gun so that the central axis of the barrel is lined up with the central axis of your forearm when viewed from the top. With this grip established, be sure you engage the trigger halfway between the first joint and the tip of your finger. This should help you pull the trigger straight back as well as ensuring that recoil is straight up.

I have found that .22 translates very well to skill with centerfire calibers. I have not had the same good results trying to transfer airgun skills to powder-propelled pistols.

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