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Thread: Any Issue Taking a SCD Apart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post
    It the buildup is 0.005Ē you almost certainly wonít be able to reassemble the parts after they are coated. So yes, 0.005Ē would be an issue.
    Thanks for the heads up. Will see what the verdict is from CCR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peally View Post
    Lockheed eggheads were using the term way before that crappy movie ever got made
    You dodging my question?!

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    Any Issue Taking a SCD Apart?

    Well, figured Iíd update this post, since I got a package from CCR today...

    Now, I had a few smaller parts to send in for plating, and since I was busy with a few other things, I sent it with a note. Got it back, and works/fits just like the blem SCD did prior to the plating on my 30S. Didnít get any info on CPII.

    Liking the finish, and isnít slippery to the point where use will be questionable. Installed it, went to the gym, and while I was still a little sweaty, I tried activating the SCD (pulling the trigger with thumb on backplate; obviously on a cleared gun). No issues, so Iím happy with it. Even more happy that I didnít have to buy a new SCD. [emoji106]
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    That looks awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post
    That looks awesome!

    Itís hard to get used to. Iím not a big Glock guy, but never was a fan of custom backplates. Just used to the standard plastic one... so this will take a little getting used to.

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