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Thread: SP101 Match Champion

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    I'm waiting on the price to come down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    Is there a "Match" where this SP101 is a viable competitor?
    To make a "matched set" with the GP100 version?

    It's just marketing.

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    I've handled one. It's nice, but I prefer the satin finish. I have the standard version which I've slicked up with hammer strut polish, Wolff springs and shims on hammer and trigger pivot pins. It makes a dandy little field gun. I like the 4" barrel. It offers full .357 performance if I wish in a very easily carried package. Sorta forget it's there in a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake. It fills the "kit gun" role admirably.


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    I'm very interested in this pistol. Please pardon me for resurrecting an old thread.

    Are they decently accurate?

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