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Thread: Reloading info needed for 9mm HK P30LS

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    Reloading info needed for 9mm HK P30LS

    I just picked up a Lee Loadmaster and was looking for some advice on bullet types for my reloading the P30LS. This is for practice ammo only, ccw ammo will be factory ammo due to legal reasons.

    FMJ, Berrys round or flat point, hard cast lead, any problems with P30's and hard cast bullets?

    Thanks for the advice/insight in advance.

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    I don't have any experience with the P30LS but try out a few bullet types and see what kind of groups you can get at 25yds from a rest if you are concerned with accuracy. I assume the P30L has polygonal rifiling but I couldn't specs on the HK site. If it does, you need to be very careful of leading with polygonal rifiling as pressure can build up easily.

    I've also found that FMJ and CMJ bullets are very close in price to plated bullets if you buy in bulk. Lead or moly coated bullets will be cheaper than jacketed.

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    Thanks for the reply, I guess I should have worded my question better. Using Cast Lead bullets would be the cheapest solution but am not aware of any issues in the P30 or P30L with lead build up (ie glocks and lead).

    Thanks for your time.

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    I just searched the BE forum and at least one guy had some issues with his P30 and moly coated bullets due to the coating and or lead coming off in the polygonal rifling. The P30 has the same polygonal rifling as glocks so I assume it would have the same issues. Check your manual but I believe that HK recommends no hard cast lead bullets. If it were me, I would stick with jacketed bullets and be done with it.

    As I mentioned before, jacketed bullets in bulk can be had at pretty good prices. I personally use Montana Gold bullets due to their availability. Precision Delta and Zero are other jacketed options that are reasonable; however, their availability is hit or miss.

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    Thanks for the heads up on Montana Gold, that case pricing is not bad at all.

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    I'm using a dedicated Lee 1000 for my 9mm. I have two others, dedicated to 40 and 45. Inexpensive, and work well once you know the idiosyncrasies. Been loading on two of them for 20+ years.

    My 9mm load for my P30 is a 124 gr RN Berry's copper clad over 4.5 gr. of WW 231, COAL of 1.155, CCI primers. The Berry's come to my door at $86/1000. A pound of 231 will net over 1000 rounds. This load works great in my P30. YMMV. Work up your own load and don't trust anyone else's data.

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    AFAIK, HK says not to put lead bullets down their polygonal barrels.

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    I have read a lot of various experiences on using lead bullets with polygonal rifled barrels. Some say they have no issues, others say they do.

    With 9mm jacketed bullets being $70ish per 1K from Delta Precision, I really don't see the little cost savings being worth the risk of blowing up a nice gun. I have had issues with leading in a conventional rifled 9mm barrel so I wouldn't take the risk in a polygonal barrel.
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    Ranier ballistics and Berry's Bullets are the best price I have seen. They are both very consistant and group better than I could ever shoot them. Just picked up 3k 9mm, 124 g, FN from powder valley usa for $210 shipped. Can't beat that price

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    Plated ammo is definitely cheaper, and still does a perfectly good job of avoiding lead buildup. Like lead bullets, the plated ones can tend to not perform as well as jacketed ammo at higher velocities, so bear that in mind when working up your loads.

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