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Thread: Colt Trooper 6920

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    Colt Trooper 6920

    Looks like Colt has a 6920 with a Centurion MLOK rail for about $750 (GB prices). Seems like a lot of AR for the money. What am I missing?
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    Colt Trooper 6920

    It's a modified version of the rail. Not sure if it's cheaper that way or what.

    General consensus is it's a smokin deal.
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    Damn, that's just the ticket for a new AR owner. Nice.

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    The rail is specially made for Cot, for this project.

    The rail does not have QD mounts and the method of securing the hand guard to the Centurion barrel nut is a bit different.

    With that said, I personally feel it's a screaming deal considering the price. I can get an M-Lok QD mount for $20-30 bucks.

    They also came out with the Colt 6920 EPR which has the standard Centurion M-Lok rail and a B5 stock. It's also about $500 more than the 6920 Trooper.

    vs. the Trooper

    If I needed a spare/loaner AR right now, I'd buy one of the Troopers.
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    I'm sorely tempted to pick one up as a travel gun. For the feature set, it's a hard one to beat. A friend asked me about an M&P Sport II for a buddy. Suggested he look at this instead.

    Throwing a RDS, sling and light on it and I'd have less in it than the bare bones BCM I built in 2012.

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    My inner-bean-counter loves your spreadsheet. All you're missing is a graph or chart of some sort.
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    I don't think you're missing anything. I really don't think you can beat it all things considered.
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    It really seems like the best deal going, it's basically the same price as an OEM model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    Looks like Colt has a 6920 with a Centurion MLOK rail for about $750 (GB prices). Seems like a lot of AR for the money. What am I missing?
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    Thanks for posting...I have a colleague who was asking me for AR recommendations - I may well steer him to this. Looks like a great value.

    What barrel profile and gas system are these using? Can't help but notice that the weight (6.5 lbs) is nearly identical to the more expensive CCU (6.47 lbs).
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