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Thread: How to get started

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    We are rained out from the carbine match today. Thus, I will go to the gym and lift weights and watch the Food Channel on the built in screens of the treadmills. Maybe I will go get lunch at a new Chinese restaurant for me. Spicy Lamb with Curry. Delicious but I was atmospherically challenged for the rest of the day, the last time I had it.

    Our group shuts down nasty folks pretty quickly and it very supportive of newbies. Had an interesting set of folks last time. South African safari guides and a Brit.

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    Just moved to NC and to my delight, The Range in Oxford is about an hour away. I'm going next weekend to shoot my first ever Steel Challenge match and this thread was just what I needed. I'll be running my edc G19.4, but my gleeful, childish heart really wants to run my 1911. Shoot me a pm if you've got any single stack gear you're looking move.

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    Shot the match, had a great time. Came in 10th of 47 center fire pistol shooters in all divisions. 21st out of 58 when you add in pistol caliber carbines & rimfire optics. I took 184 shots to clear 150 targets, learned a lot about my current capabilities, got all excited about knowing what I need to work on which means my next range trip is exciting because I have specific goals...just a friggin great day!

    Need a G34 asap, look for G26 or 19 to go up for trade/sale shortly, gonna need some gear, too, shit...this is gonna get expensive. Oh well, no turning back now is there?

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