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Thread: 10-8 Performance Lab, Episode 31: MIM In The 1911

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    10-8 Performance Lab, Episode 31: MIM In The 1911

    Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance discusses the technical aspects of Metal Injection Molded (MIM) parts in your 1911.

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    A gentleman came to my shop and proposed I use his MIM'd parts in my guns. He stated how and why they could make me a TON of money because an entire fire control system would cost me $2.78 USD. And he said they're guaranteed FOREVER. When they BREAK he said, you replace them at no cost to your customer and UPSELL additional services to your clients making even more money. I politely declined and haven't spoken with him since. Some companies place their odds on the AVERAGE person going to the range 7 times in their lifetime, shooting a total of 350 rounds. Those were HIS statistics. I don't know exactly where they come from, but I've heard other stats similar. Somehow though, I don't think folks here shoot that infrequently!
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