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Thread: *THE* Gen 5 Glock thread: First Impressions, Reviews and Thoughts

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    *THE* Gen 5 Glock thread: First Impressions, Reviews and Thoughts

    Hoping we can consolidate all the Gen 5 info into this one thread. We currently have the Glock MHS thread, Gen 5 Beta Test Thread and the Glock 17M thread...lot to keep bouncing back and forth to! If you shoot a Gen 5 tonight, post it here. If you buy one, post it here. Let's make this *the* de-facto Gen 5 thread for this forum to simplify things
    Shoot more, post less...

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    I have two blue label Glock 19 Gen5s shipping Monday to me. Waiting to see for sure my dealer was able to get the Ameriglo equipped ones like I asked for.
    One of the videos released today stated the trigger guard was undercut compared to previous models. I'll check on that when mine come in.

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    I am an official Gen 5 G19 beta tester. 50 rounds so far with 0 brass to the face. Felt recoil seems to be slightly less but it's more than likely new gun syndrome. The trigger on the 5 I played with varied from smooth light roll like a minus connector weight to a bit heavy but still rolling break.

    I don't the the trigger guard is under cut. I can look tomorrow.

    It "works" in a mastermind made for gen 4 17 but I think a Dremel spin tomorrow will make it work better.

    The dovetail protectors seem different. Narrower post maybe? Either way they still suck and will be replaced. My example seemed about normal accuracy for me level of suck. I did pull a few shots low and the sights we're about an inch low at 7 yards.

    I wish Glock would have made the frame nose and the slide match. It just looks off. Good thing I don't look at the muzzle much.

    Sorry of the stream of thoughts, it's late and I am usually asleep for a few hours by now.

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    Ok, I got up and looked, the bottom of the trigger guard looks identical to me. I did notice when handled back to back that I think the bottom side of the trigger guard feels undercut because my knuckle is jammed into the finger grooves. My middle finger liked the G17 width for the first finger better than the G19.

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    20 rounds and no brass to face. Range was selling for discount off msrp and club membership discount.
    Really nice trigger. Standard Glock sights- I'll wait to check after market later.
    Tired but pretty happy- fingers crossed.
    Every day in transportation makes me feel like I brought a toothpick to a gun fight.

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    I chose to shoot my allotted rounds through the 19 only. I like it. I think the Feebs did their homework on this. Late night impressions:

    The trigger feels great, both internal workings, and the smooth face that comes on the 19.

    Grip feels great. The gen 4 19's grooves seemed to fit my hand ok, but I definitely prefer this new gen 5 grip without the grooves.

    The front sight looks to be a little narrower than the one on the 26 I took down to entertain myself between 11 and midnight.

    It shot about an inch low for me as well, using my standard Glock dot hold.

    The range owner's son had been briefed well by Glock; he had all sorts of tidbits... reportedly, the ion bond finish over the tenifer–in addition to looking sharp–is also as hard as ceramic knife sharpening stones. Or so I was told. On the subject of the ambi slide release, one advantage that they reportedly offer is better reliability because they lock up into both sides of the slide; the slide is therefore less likely to auto forward with a botched mag insert under stress, and more likely to lock open securely with out of spec mags, worn followers etc. Made some sense to me; I was pretty lackluster in my enthusiasm for the ambi lever until I heard that bit.

    It was very soft-shooting. I'd want to have an older 19 on hand and do a side by side before swearing to it, but *I think* it has a little less felt recoil. Could be the new RSA, could be the grip is better without those stupid grooves, could be the 2 pin design allows the frame to flex more, could be a little of all of it together; could be my imagination.

    Range guy says they were told that the G26 and G34 were next, but not until after January. At any rate, he is under the impression that they are going to finish out all the 9mms, and then deal with rolling the changes into the other model numbers.

    I'm pretty sold on that 19. Probably my next Glock. I still remember my experience with the first 42 I bought (very early; first day ship), so I think I'll let these things roll out for a while before grabbing one myself, but it'll happen at some point. Fit my keeper AIWB 19 holster perfectly, so I guess I have to get one.

    Time to hit the rack. I'll be interested to see what others think in the am.
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    Pretty interesting that the slide stop engages the slide on both sides of the gun.

    My question for those that handled one, particularly the 19, is the front U mag cutout noticeable while gripping the gun? Is it uncomfortable, or do you even notice it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky View Post
    Pretty interesting that the slide stop engages the slide on both sides of the gun.

    My question for those that handled one, particularly the 19, is the front U mag cutout noticeable while gripping the gun? Is it uncomfortable, or do you even notice it?
    I was worried about the cut out but, for me, I don't even notice it. If you have thicker fingers it could be a problem.

    Another random thought, I think the slide release sticks out farther on the shooters left side... I think.

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    Ok just looked at a gen-5 17/19 $599 each at Point Blank in Greenwood, Indiana. Very nice!!!!! After looking at both I'm actually leaning towards a G17. Reason being the cutout on the front strap of the magwell is more pronounced on the G19 plus it has a shorter grip therefore my pinky finger goes across it. I could see that being annoying in actual shooting and/or extended shooting sessions. Also, the trigger pull was really nice for a Glock.

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    JM @Tonymayer has made me holsters fit specifically for the M/gen5 guns.

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    Formerly givo08.

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