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Thread: Smith 43C and 351C

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post
    My misfires were with the older J frames series guns. Since I used them for plinking, I was not perturbed by them. I have no personal experience with the current J frame .22's but have thee newer .38 spls, but these do not apply to your question. I did not know that the .22 mag operated at .22 rimfire pressures. I do know that many years ago S&W discontinued the magnum J frames because the .22 mag round caused flame cutting on the top strap. Later, some of their .22 mag revolvers had a metal shield to prevent gas cutting. I have had personal experience with five J frame .22 rimfires but admit to being out of date in the sense that I have not owned a current model. After I wrote the post above, I looked back to determine a reference for my opinion and found an American Rifleman article on the subject of the J frame snubs and the .22 Magnum. I have fired at least 75,000 rounds of .22 l.r. ammo through revolvers: High Standard, S&W, H&R, and Ruger. I became accustomed to occasional misfires. I accepted them as the nature of the beast. I noticed variations from lot to lot. Yes. I received my ammo in lots. I suggest that the person depending on a rimfire for self defense identify at least one lot that shows reliability in his weapon and retain it.
    CCI Stingers and CCI MaxiMags are a good starting point for .22 LR and .22 Mag respectively.
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    That's good information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandbj View Post
    Got a Sales Quotation in the mail from S&W... $103. “sent from warranty dept due to custom springs”
    $45 for estimate and range test, $45 for 1/2 hour of PC labor, $13 for return shipping.

    Guess I should’ve changed those back before shipping it.

    I do wonder what springs it will return with.
    Finally got the only person you can pay on the phone. She said I can expect it back in 4-6 weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jandbj View Post
    Finally got the only person you can pay on the phone. She said I can expect it back in 4-6 weeks.
    I hope it works.
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