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Thread: CCW Comfort Sling

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    CCW Comfort Sling

    I first encountered this product some 4 years ago, where they had a booth at our Washington IDPA State Championship match. I thought it was interesting, but was more concerned with the match, so I tucked their brochure away.

    Fast forward to this year. While previously I predominantly carried polymer- framed pistols (Glocks, HKs), this year I've been concentrating on my Beretta 92D. While actually pretty easy to carry concealed, there's a quantum difference in carry weight in a 92D and, say, a Glock G17. Weight-wise, and in terms of comfort, it's not that big of a deal-I usually use Wilderness 5-Stitch belts, or a Galco or El Paso Saddlery multi-thickness quality leather belts.

    However, gravity is another concept. No matter how good, or effectively tightened, I would inevitably experience the "strong side belt/slacks sag," which to a discerning observer, effectively shouts, "Gun!" Plus it REALLY bugged my wife, who was constantly admonishing me to "Pull up your pants!"

    So, I belatedly decided to try the CCW Comfort Sling. As the husband-and-wife team that make it are in my area, I was easily able to both talk on the phone and meet with them in person; I decided to get the "Classic" configuration, and was given a very fair discount and shipping savings price to boot.

    Initially, despite the well written and illustrated instruction sheet, and accessible YouTube videos, I had some difficulties in putting it together. I soon discovered that the components weren't properly assembled at the factory, which was easily corrected (and without any tools) once I thoroughly understood how the system worked. I'm actually making it sound more complicated that it actually was, but I'd strongly advise watching the 2 available videos first, and things'll go much easier.

    It's an ingenious, and well made piece of gear. Essentially, the weight of the gun is carried by your shoulder, as opposed to only your belt (but I still recommend a good gun-appropriate belt). I was a little concerned that the shoulder pad's retaining strap's suspender alligator clip might be too flimsy, but it's actually worked quite nicely, and is suitable durable.

    It can be worn multiple ways, including Sam Browne-belt-style (without the retaining strap), with the leather shoulder pad over your weak-side shoulder-but the upper portion of the pad may peep above the open neck of a shirt with this method. he J-Hooks seem initially a bit counter-intuitive in how they are affixed to the slacks, but they also actually work quite well.

    The advantage with this is that you're not interminably (and probably subconsciously) tugging on your belt throughout the day, potentially highlighting that you're carrying a weapon. The system works, and isn't uncomfortable in the least, and there are quick-releases to lower your slacks if needed, and then easily re-connect the support straps.

    I'm impressed. And my wife literally hasn't called me out even once about "pants sag" since running this system. And, yesterday, when I went WITHOUT using the system, I immediately noticed how I was constantly re-adjusting things.

    The only caveats is that it does take a quick minute or so of additional dressing time to set up each day, but it's actually easy and quick after you've done it for several days. And, if you wear a light-colored, or thin material shirt, the back shoulder strap and ancillary straps my show through the fabric, so you may need to be judicious in your shirt selections. But that's pretty much it-I think it's an excellent system, and I've fully incorporated it into my daily carry routine.

    Best, Jon

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    With a proper CCW belt you don't need this. Even if you carry a lot of stuff on your belt. It's all in design.

    Where this works really well is for LE application. We have a bunch of guys who wear heavy leather rigs and they use things like this (different company same design) to keep their duty rigs up. Helps a lot.
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    Interesting concept but I really do not want to get jacked up by Henry Fonda over this. - Canada's gun magazine, printed on actual tree-paper, using ink made from the tears of futuristic digital blogulators, and distributed to roughly 0.1% of the population of Canada. I'm the chief editor there, which explains my drinking problem, which explains my posts.

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    I'm very interested. I've lost a bunch of weight this year and am still dropping but I still have a big gut and a flat ass which makes it difficult to keep my pants in place. I've been running a normal belt with the Dickies suspenders that hook on the belt then a 1.5" pistol belt with keepers over that. This looks like something I need to try.

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    Interesting. Looks like it would be pretty visible under a dress shirt, though.

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    I use one of the double slings when I have to work Lo-pro for work. It also took me a bit to get it set up and tuned correctly, but they are great.

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    Interesting concept. Thanks for the review.
    I have spondylolisthesis, which is a fancy word for sway back. AIWB carry caused me to be aware of it, now I can't tolerate any weight on my belt at all. I started wearing the V-tac scissor suspenders and a super stiff Ares belt slightly loose. The v-tac's don't print under my daily wear polo cover shirt.

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    I wear suspenders in class to deal with the weight of extra reloads. Hell I wear suspenders at work under my scrub top. Keeps me from fighting gravity for my drawers and from needing the belt so tight.
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    Oh man, that's right. I forgot that some people feel like they need light SA triggers in DA guns instead of just learning to shoot the gun better. You can get a Redhawk DA trigger pull down to 10 lbs, and if you can't manage that you suck and should probably just practice more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Interesting. Looks like it would be pretty visible under a dress shirt, though.
    Or a t-shirt, golf shirt, or lightweight fishing shirt, which is all the shirts I own.
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    When you think about it, the belt is not an optimal way to support a vertical load.

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