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Thread: AAR: Red Dot Class, Modern Samurai Project, August 5th (2017), Berryville, VA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leroy View Post
    Its the insulation around a nerve to prevent loss or disruption of signal through the nerve. It essentially allows the nerve send signals faster. I have heard shooters talk of it before, it is essentially the nervous system reaction to constant repetitive motions. I am not an expert, but I read Wikipedia.
    A couple episodes of Steve Anderson's That Shooting Show podcast will explain it, if you can last through the Van Halen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Permethrin View Post
    "Myelination through proper repetition is the path to subconscious competence."

    wut does this mean?
    The below is from John Hearns excellent "Performance Under Fire" lecture. You can also see information on this in the book "Building Shooters" by Dustin Salomon.

    •The development of “muscle memory” involves PHYSICAL changes to the brain. (human uniqueness)
    •Myelin is an insulating sheath that connects neurons to neurons (not speed of light).
    •Myelin makes nervous impulses travel faster and the nervous system more efficient. (precision)
    •If a pathway is used repeatedly, the amount of myelin connecting the neurons increases.
    •If a pathway is used repeatedly, the nervous impulses physically travel faster.
    •Literally developing a bigger highway.

    So the reason "muscle memory" is a misnomer, as I understand it. is that muscles don't have memories. What is really being talked about are changes in the brain and nervous system. With enough proper repetitions we can "overlearn" a task which allows us to complete it with unconscious competence or to use something else I have taken from John Hearn, automaticity.
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