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Thread: Please score this target

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    Tell them "Don't 'Patton' me Bro...." George Patton (yes THAT George Patton) had the same thing happen to him in the 1912 Olympics in the Modern Pentathlon event . He was shooting .38 (most shot .22s for the event) and shot the center out of the target. Because they couldn't count each individual shot they scored him lower than he should have been scored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSP552 View Post
    Nuts. With that attitude, they need to score the 25 yard line first, since that's the stage most likely to have a shot off the target. It's been a long time, but I was once a Master class PPC shooter and am pretty familiar with that target. A ragged hole was a ragged hole and you were not penalized for being able to shoot it.
    I always assumed they did this everywhere, but we changed the targets several times before completing the 150 round COF. After shooting Match I for example, those "ragged hole group" (for most shooters) targets were changed before we shot Match II at the 25 yard line so as to mitigate discrepancies in target scoring.
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    Seeing 295-16X.

    Saw a clerk try to deny one of our best shooters a perfect qual with his Beretta, because she couldn't tell if they were 'all in there.'

    It was a treat to watch that man handle a duty gun like that, from ranges of 3-50 meters.

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    Thank you all for the responses. I apologize for disappearing, work has been crazy.

    This target was shot at a state level competition consisting of approximately 230 15-21 year olds. There were no classes, all shooters competed against each other. The course consisted of 30 rounds fired from 25-5 yards (25yd first). The course of fire was supposed to be shot starting at 5 yards and moving back to 25 according to pre-competition hand outs. All shooters were issued "stock" pistols when they reported to the range. Each shooter was supervised by an RSO. The shooters had to sign their targets, RSOs did not. Targets were scored by a third party two days later.

    The 15 yo., a consistent 300 shooter, was disappointed for "missing" (8,8,9) the first 3 shots from the 25 yard line. The remaining 27 shots were fired at 15, 7 and 5 yards. The shoot was praised by the RSO as the best shooter he saw all day. Shooter took the picture above to send to his family before removing the target from the backer.

    The target was originally scored a 285 by the third party. When questioned by the shooters "Team Advisor," the score was then changed to a 275. A "Team Advisor" from another team also questioned the score and they were both told the score would not be changed and they weren't supposed to see the targets. The awards ceremony was held 30 minutes later.
    1st Place: 294
    2nd Place: 293
    3rd Place: 292
    4th Place: 291
    Shooter above did not place/was not recognized.

    The Chairman of the competition was approached after the awards ceremony by several individuals who saw the target/know the shooter. After a lengthy "discussion," the chairman agreed to order the shooter a 1st Place trophy. He would not admit fault, nor change the official record of standings.

    This final summary was intentionally vague (no names or organizations given) to protect the innocent. Ultimately, we are trying to improve the way the comp is run in the future..."and now you know the rest of the story."

    Thank you again for your help,
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    Quote Originally Posted by 93Leeward95 View Post
    The shooters had to sign their targets, RSOs did not. Targets were scored by a third party two days later.
    Had the organization never run a competition in their lives? Talk about a "how to screw stuff up irreparably" game plan. That's guaranteed to create all kinds of problems.

    I don't know if you'd want to send the leadership a link to this or just take the ideas presented in this thread and submit them in a nicely worded letter requesting they change their scoring protocol but damn they need to fix their methods. Anyone who's scored any kind of shooting competition could tell you that's not how you do things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 93Leeward95 View Post
    Target was scored as a 275 because the number of rounds through the cluster in the X ring could not be confirmed/verified.
    Well that's just dumb.
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    I am forced to use that target by my state for academy qualification (the only time we use it) and I have scored, literally, thousands of them over the lat 15 years. If there is a question, the benefit goes to the shooter. 295 all day long and twice on Sunday. If for a competition/prizes, as mentioned before hand, repair centers every ten rounds/ stage. Amateur hour on the part of the match staff. All of them.

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