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Thread: AAR: Close Range Gunfighting with Greg Ellifritz 08/05/17

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    AAR: Close Range Gunfighting with Greg Ellifritz 08/05/17

    Instructor Greg Ellifritz

    Where: Centerburg OH

    When: 08/05/17 0900-1700

    Close Range Gunfighting.

    Equipment/gear: CZ P10C 9mm in Whitehat hybrid holster with Ulticlip clips, 9mm Winchester and Blazer Brass ammo in 124gr, Magpul Tejas synthetic belt, jeans and T shirt for cover garment. Pro Ears Gold ear pro.

    The review will be less detailed than other reviews as the class was almost entirely hands on and I wasn't taking notes as we didn't have chairs or tables just an open classroom setting for non live fire work and the outdoor range.

    Class started on time with 19 people of various backgrounds approx 1/3-40% being LEO and the rest citizens with concealed carry permits as that was required as well as some other training course beyond CC permit level. Greg requires this to make sure each person has had some training in draw and reholstering safely and malfunction clearing.

    We started with saying our names, where we were from and gun and holster. Most were Glocks but 2 1911s, 2 XD's, a couple P320s and 3 S&Ws a Shield and 2 M&P9Cs. So a decent mix. Oh and one revolver from a guy that came in an hour late due to a mix up in where the class was held but quickly dealt with without a problem. Greg started off with a discussion of the factors in close range fights involving guns and what areas that are different from farther distances. We then learned the retention shooting position and incorporating it into our normal draw stroke not a different technique. Greg demonstrated and commented then we did multiple reps with him observing. Greg also demonstrated alternative choices such as drawing when the badguy draws, moving to gain distance, moving laterally etc. We then moved onto fouling the draw. Greg covers a basic technique with some options for when you may be smaller or weaker than your opponent or are farther behind the draw curve. He also addressed techniques for when the badguy turns or attempts to gain distance vs remaining more squared up or in arms reach distance. After these were practiced with a partner and unloaded and roped(clothesline strip put in barrel and then down empty mag well visible at muzzle end and from mag well) we went out to the range.

    On the range Greg explained each drill, then demonstrated then we ran the drill slowly by the numbers in 2 groups. Group 1 shot first with group 2 acting as safety officers looking at technique. This continued until lunch break. Lunch was 45 mins on your own with limited spots nearby. Most people wouldn't have any issue and I brought stuff to eat and drink but I think the organizer could have done better here noting that you should bring a lunch as travel to anything close would be tight for anyone choosing to go off site or if they didn't bring a lunch. Minor complaint not a big issue.

    After lunch we re-roped our guns and started again in the classroom. Here we covered and practiced alternatives to fouling the draw. We then went over various gun disarms and addressed in fight gun access. Greg covered alternatives to accessing your own gun in using the badguy's gun, strikes,eye gouge and throat strikes and using a firearm as an impact weapon. Each was discussed, questions addressed and demonstrated then we practiced multiple reps with a partner with each acting as the goodguy and badguy to get each perspective and gets practice doing the technique.

    Lastly we returned to the range where we practiced alternative retention shooting positions, alternate guard or helmet type positions and incorporating firing from retention to full extension and vice versa with multiple shots each. Again we used 2 shooting lines with one acting as safety officers and switching. My partner wanted to try out the CZ P10 C I had so we did the switch during drills to keep things moving.

    The day ended after a debrief and question session on the range and after clean up we got certificates and were finished right around 1700.

    Misc. points:

    Greg expected that there would be plenty of malfunctions and covered why most would happen. Luckily we had very few with only a couple people having multiples and most people having none at all. Just guessing as I didn't look into it carefully but I think most malfunctions were shooter induced with position or body contact of slide being the factor. I don't know for sure but I believe the malfunctions were also with an XD with both 1911s running 100%. My partner had a 1911 and it ran 100% as I watched every shot being his safety officer.

    There were no injuries other than a small cut or scrape or maybe Glock knuckle type things. The class ranged from a couple juveniles there with their father present as supervision throughout, a female and ages ranging from teens to mid 60s. Everyone was considerate and disciplined in behavior and weapons handling with no major issues. The underage guys showed good maturity in their questions and weapons handling and the overall respectfulness made the class enjoyable and smooth running.

    Greg Ellifritz is personable and has a relaxed attitude making him approachable. He has a very good speaking style with slow deliberate cadence and clear verbiage in his instructions. His style of discussion, questions, demonstration and then by the numbers practice by students is common enough but well done and one of the best ways to learn from what I have experienced. Safety was always a concern he addressed well with multi layered coverage of care, calling 911, and medical aid and responders.

    Overall I would recommend the course and Greg Ellifritz. If you have been to a Craig Douglas ECQC recently it may be somewhat similar or shortened but still a good course. Also note that Greg gives credit where due pointing out who he got the technique or idea from and not claiming a technique or idea as his own. He also spoke well of other instructors he has trained with.

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    Great review. This class has been on my to-do list for a couple of years. I need to hurry up and get it crossed off!
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    Thanks for the review....very interesting and helpful. I also would like an opportunity to train with Greg in the future.
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    Greg does great classes. I've done four one-day classes with him and might end up repeating three of them, they're that good. I did s one last Fall and loved it (my AAR is linked to here on PF).

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