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Thread: You get to pick your duty weapon, which one ?

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    You get to pick your duty weapon, which one and why?
    I don't get to pick. We get a Glock 22 (Gen4) as a primary, and Glock 27 as a backup.

    If I were picking I'd likely go with a Glock 19 Gen 4. It's small enough to conceal well, but big enough to control well, and unlike the baby Glocks I can still mount a good light. 90% of what I do is plainclothes, but when I need to get into "tactical gear" a 19 would work just fine. I'd want a Glock 26 as a backup.
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    I do get somewhat of a choice, but I would pick what I'm currently issued, Glock 19M. I do more plainclothes work than uniformed though.

    For uniformed or SWAT role, I would go 17M or gen4 17.
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    We are issued Glock 35 gen 4, however I carry a HK USP 9MM with jet funnel. Glock has exactly 60 rounds fired through it, that is when it was issued to me and I qualified with it. Shot 120/120 with it. Shot a much better 120 with my HKS.

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    Glock 17 post 09/01/17 version.

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    I always loved my Sig Sauer P229 .357. Fired thousands of rounds and it never jammed once. Easy maintenance and was 12+1 in mag capacity, so that was a little better than some other models.

    But Glock 17 or 19 are good options too. Carried a Glock 19 as a back-up because it was a little smaller than the Sig (and used cheaper ammo).

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