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Thread: Least favorite foods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinmove_ View Post
    Malört sounds like the sound you make just before you "toss your cookies". Perhaps that's why they named it so?

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    Let's not forget their claim to fame, "1 in 49 men likes it."
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyGBiv View Post
    I've had Durian only twice. A colleague had the best description. "Imagine eating a bowl of your favorite tapioca or ice cream while sitting on the toilet dropping the stinkiest deuce imaginable." The second time I had it was because I was somehow convinced that Thai durian was better than Malaysian durian. Had to give it a shot. Still stinky.
    If you have it on something baked, the smell is.... bearable. Sort of like how using really stinky cheeses in a baked mac'n'cheese dish really tempers the smell and allows you to better taste the actual ingredient without wanting to gag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spinmove_ View Post
    Asparagus. Done properly it needs grape seed oil, fresh ground salt, fresh ground pepper, be wrapped in bacon, and then grilled or baked until slightly crispy.

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    If people do not like the "woody" taste and texture, it helps if you get the young-thin asparagus. We marinate in olive oil, lemon juice and zest, fresh garlic and house seasoning prior to grilling.

    One food I will not try, much less eat is scrapple because of how it smells when it is cooking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    Bell Pepper
    Raw tomato

    Of these I despise bell pepper the most.
    Damn, that's my typical meal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Jenkins View Post
    I don't get to IKEA much, so I had to look this up:

    Really? What, if I may ask, does fish soaked in Lye for days smell like?
    My father still complains about Lutefisk which I think he last ate some time in the '50s.
    His description: take a fish, nail it to a board, soak it in Lye, peel it off the board, and eat the board.

    Now there's also: Surströmming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spinmove_ View Post
    the sprouts from Brussels... a light coating of oil, fresh ground salt and pepper, and the baking them for about 20 minutes
    Allow to cool, then place in the garbage can.

    There. Fixed it for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason M View Post
    How did I forget these little treasures??? Straight from the people who brought the world ambiguous pictagram assembly instructions and blister inducing allen keys....

    It serves as both a foodstuff for Swedes and a prank to be played upon the unknowing. At holiday parties it is a tradition to see who they can get to open the can and wear some of the rotten fish juice for the rest of the event.
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    Any white gravy/sauce. Fettuccini alfredo, biscuits and sausage gravy, and chicken fried steak are all no go. Just can’t do it.
    Never could do matzoh balls either.
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