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Thread: Article 2: Foam Wedges and Pads

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    Article 2: Foam Wedges and Pads

    Foam Wedge Purpose:

    Foam wedges can greatly improve the comfort and concealability of an AIWB holster, while many here on PF know the advantages a wedge offers they are still far from a mainstream addition to an AIWB holster.

    One of the most common questions we receive is: What are the foam wedges for? The answer to that question is two-fold. Firstly wedges aid in concealment, they do this by tilting the grip towards your body while pushing the muzzle away from you. The second function is a byproduct of the foam itself which provides added comfort over a bare holster due to it being softer than the body of the holster. The positioning of the wedge can have a significant influence on comfort and concealability and is something we will be looking at in more depth.

    Type of Foam:

    All Mastermind and Grayscale wedges are made out of fine-cell, cross-linked closed cell foam. The foam is resilient and durable which means it will have a long service life. The foam also has low moisture permeability and is mildew and rot resistant.

    Break in Period:

    While the foam has a firmer feel than you may be used to with other wedges it will mold to your body fairly quickly. Break in can take a few days, if you have never used a foam wedge before we recommend using it until it is broken in even if it feels a little odd the first time you put it on. While there are some people who do not find a benefit from a wedge it is fairly rare in our experience for users to not prefer to use a wedge once it is broken in. Below are some photos of a wedge that has been broken in and conformed to the end users body.

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    Wedge Sizes:

    Everybody is different and on top of that each model of pistol is different. We make different size wedges to accommodate most user preferences, pistol sizes, and holster set-ups. We also offer a foam pad for those who want the comfort of foam but don’t need the concealment abilities of a wedge. Our holsters ship standard with the following wedge sizes:

    AIWB Claw Holster: Standard height wedge (except Glock 43 and S&W Shield)

    AIWB Holster: Tall wedge (except Glock 43 and S&W Shield)

    Glock 43 and S&W Shield Holsters: Small Wedge

    Grayscale Radian Holster: Standard height wedge, Tall wedge, Foam pad

    We recommend the standard height wedge for holsters with claws and the tall wedge for holsters without claws. Small single stack pistols like the Glock 43 and S&W Shield do not usually need (or benefit from) the same size wedge that would go on a compact of full-size pistol, as such we recommend our small wedge for any small single stack pistol.

    Wedge Placement:

    The placement of the wedge on the holster has a significant impact on both comfort and concealability. Movements as slight as ¼” up or down on the holster body can transform the holster from being uncomfortable to something you barely notice wearing. Also each model pistol is a different shape and as such differing wedge positions on holsters for guns of different makes/models is completely normal and usually necessary to achieve the maximum blend of comfort and concealment. Below are some photos of a good starting point for wedge position, note that the wedge extends below the holster. Starting from this position it should be easy even if it requires several tries and repositioning of the wedge to get great concealment action from the wedge and maximum comfort.

    Name:  Wedge Collage.jpg
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    Upcoming Wedge Designs:

    We are continuously innovating and experimenting to see how we can improve upon our product selection. We are currently designing a new wedge profile specifically for holsters with claws. Some pistols when used with claw equipped holsters have a tendency to print around the back of the slide by the rear sight; pistols with blocky slides like a Glock are more susceptible to this. The wedge design works against the claw to push the slide towards the body; since the grip cannot be pushed out by the wedge due to the claw pushing it in towards your body, the holster lays flatter on the waistline and has slightly more stability. This wedge design is currently undergoing testing and will likely be released in the not too distant future. The below pictures show the wedge when it is new and its profile once broken in.

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    I didn't like foam wedges when I first started carrying appendix. Over the last year though I've began to like them more and more. It is a comfort thing but I also like the improved concealment and the assistance in getting the muzzle pointed away from me during reholstering.

    Now if I could just talk you into a AIWB wing claw for an HK45

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    Excellent thread @Mack, thanks for sharing this info. Very informative.
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    Great information! Just ordered a small foam wedge for my G43. I am also thoroughly enjoying the quality and comfort of your limited edition EDC belt. Keep up the good work boys.

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    We are happy to hear that this information is helpful. We will continue to produce short articles that answer many of our most commonly asked questions. We will also make sure to update this article with any new wedge profiles that we have when they are released.

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    Just ordered. Looking forward to them.

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    Good info. Interesting the new design of the wedge you're working on. I have found this to be a slight issue and as you indicated once the amount of break-in time does help once the wedge get "molded" properly.

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    Thanks to everyone who ordered wedges, we appreciate the support!

    The new wedge profile is pretty far through the testing phase and it will not be too long before it is available. We will post more in-depth info on the wedge and have more photos showing how it will sit on different holsters for various pistol models.

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    Hah! Stupid blocky Blocks.

    I want to say that the last wedge I cut for my Glock holster was about 8-10* angle off the body facing side. It definitely made a difference with the slide edge printing.

    I'll have to try one of yours when it drops, Mack. Mine is about shot. And I'm lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnionsAndDragons View Post
    Hah! Stupid blocky Blocks.

    I want to say that the last wedge I cut for my Glock holster was about 8-10* angle off the body facing side. It definitely made a difference with the slide edge printing.

    I'll have to try one of yours when it drops, Mack. Mine is about shot. And I'm lazy.
    I got to beta test one of the new wedges with my "clawed" holsters and not only does it assist with preventing the rear corner of the slide from printing, but it also adds comfort to the equation, particularly noticeable (in my case) when seated.

    I think you're going to like it.
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