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Thread: Mayberry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 41magfan View Post
    As is far too often the case, the really decent people in this world suffer as a result of the misdoings of thugs like Stroupe.

    My next door neighbor is a native of Henderson County and all three of her children still live in the area. One of them is good friends with many members of the Bryson clan and she told me they are all just good mountain people that are generous with all they have. A sad ending indeed.
    For all the good people hereabouts in the mountains there are more than a few that one should steer a wide berth around and be prepared to deal with if the unfortunate need should arise. Thankfully, they're usually not very hard to spot. Avoiding may or may not prove as facile.
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    "But it's such a nice neighborhood."

    My response has always been, "Yeah, that's where all the good shit's at."

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