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Thread: Carbon fiber or G10 edged weapon options

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    I started thinking along the same lines after a recent trip to Universal when security sent me back to the hotel rather than let me in with my Swiss Army knife.

    I got kind of excited when I saw this one-
    But $60 for a G10 laminate anything seems really excessive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom_Jones View Post

    Those look really cool. Not sure what to do about a sheath. The specs weren't much help.

    Also, I have the same Sentinel Senka as @RevolverRob and it's great, pointy piece of kit. JMO.

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    I have a Ti/CF blade and a Ceramic/CF blade from Ian at specialized circumstances. Carried the former during my last Afghanistan pump, and it held up well. Even though it wasn't a GP/Utility knife, it did what I asked of it. Anything sharp is better than fists of fury alone, and the $20 options look great, especially if you have a habit of dropping your knives into the bay after you've used them once.
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