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Thread: pistol shooting rest

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    pistol shooting rest

    Can someone please share their opinions on the importance of using a pistol rest
    to check point of impact when getting a new gun.
    Is is good enough to use a sand bag or get one made from the plastic brand names.
    I think the ransom rest is not an option for me ,price wise.

    Thanks for any help

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    I verify the POI with all of my guns, especially with my carry ammo. Normally I do it at 20 Yards. I shoot supported, usually with a sand bag. I've had the best luck resting my wrists on the bag and holding the gun. I can normally get a sub 2" group without much effort. I like to use a white sheet of paper, with a dark/black index card in the middle.

    After the sights are adjusted I use a silver sharpie to mark either side of the sight & dovetail. It's a visual reference point to quickly check for sight drift (over time).

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    I shoot several 5 shot groups, slow fire, on cheap 9" paper plates on a buff colored cardboard backer from a two hand standing unsupported position at 25 yards. I use a 6 o"clock hold. This will give me the windage as well as the elevation. I may then drift the rear sight and get a taller/shorter front sight if necessary. Glock front sights are so easy to change.

    BTW, I like poa/poi at 25 yards. I do not like self defense pistols that shoot 6" high at 25 yards. That does not work well for me at GSSF matches either.

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