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Thread: .22 LR ammo - what do you use?

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    .22 LR ammo - what do you use?


    I just bought a .22 pistol for target shooting and I was wondering what .22 LR ammo the members of this forum use for:
    - sighting-in (match ammo?)
    - basic target shooting

    I'm not sure what more to ask on the subject. I bought the Winchester 36 grain hollow point rounds for my first time around with this gun. So far so good; no misfires. The last ammo that I used in another .22 was the CCL (I think) and I had a bunch of misfires. So, based on that experience, I think I will stay away from CCL.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.


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    I have a Walther P22 that is kind of finicky, so it only gets Mini Mags. For my other .22's, I go with the Federal bulk pack; it is inexpensive and meets my needs (punching paper and the occasional tree rat).

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    I usually use the CCI standard velocity for basic target shooting with my Ruger Mk II. It also likes the Mini-Mag solids.

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    Federal bulk for plinking, CCI Mini-Mags when I want more accuracy/reliability. Our. Shooting an M&P 15 - 22.
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    I would sight in with what you intend to shoot. No point in trying to use match grade .22 ammo if you are going to shoot cheapo crap. It will very likely print to a different POI.

    Remington rimfire ammo sucks.

    Aguilla is filthy, and often sucks.

    Federal is pretty decent, though I have had some functioning issues with the bulk packs.

    Winchester, pretty much the same experiences as with Federal.

    Lapua is good, reliable, and very accurate. And you pay for it.

    CCI, while you had a bad experience, is the standard by which I judge fodder rimfire ammo by. I use the HP Subs for suppressed shooting, and Mini-Mags for general plinking, and Stingers (or mini's) if there is a gun that is not getting enough power to cycle the action.

    Everyone makes crap once in awhile, and I suspect that is the case with a bad batch of CCI. That is the exception, rather than the rule. It is at least worth another look.

    Some argue that the CCI Mini's, Stingers, Subs, etc are expensive, defeating or minimizing the idea behind rimfire training. Yeah, they are a bit more expensive, but I buy in massive bulk, and the reliability they provide offsets my cost concerns. If you are serious about .22 rimfire training, plinking, varminting, whatever, it really is worthwhile to look at buying bulk. I buy 5-10k at a time, and the per box cost of CCI premium rimfire ends up comparable to commercial, retail prices of the el-cheapo crap from the local shop.
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    I love shooting CCI Stingers. I made a 1 hole group at 100 yards with those out of my Remington 552 Speedmaster. I've found CCI ammo to be superlative quality (for a .22).

    Both my 552 and Mauser Es340b have been more accurate with CCI Stingers than anything else, including RWS Target and RWS Special Match.

    I like their Long's as well.

    I don't fixate too much on the price. Shooting the A-54 frame Ruger Mk1 or Mauser Es340b is waaaaay cheaper than 9mm out of the P2000 or 7.5 Swiss out of the K31, so I'm happy even with the price of Stingers.
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    I shoot CCI Stingers in my Glock pistol conversion.

    In my bolt action trainer, I shoot Wolf match target. The stuff is fantastic and very reasonably priced.

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    CCI Mini Mag in my AA Glock .22lr kits.

    Federal 36 grain 550 pack in my .22lr spike's bolt for the AR (CCI 40 grain mini mag and the spikes do not get along...)

    Till I started playing with .22lr I never noticed a difference between ammo in terms of POA-POI. Wakeup call...

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    Anything in the 22/45. Likewise the GSG1911. S&W Outdoorsman... heh...
    Cute little Wilson conversion kit runs best on CCI-Mini Mags. AA conversion kit feels the same way (although it's not nearly as reliable even with Mini-Mags as the Wilson kit.)

    Only one long gun I own is any kind of finicky, an old Remmy Fieldmaster. It doesn't extract the cheap stuff reliably, so it gets fed Mini-Mags.
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    Another vote for CCI here. I like the Blazers for my "understudy" firearms for drills, other flavors as appropriate.

    For sheer accuracy across a lot of platforms, Wolf seems to work well.

    Ditto the problems with Remington .22 LR ammo.

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