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Thread: dragonmouse's learning curve

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    Well I think I figured out what went wrong with the 44ruger. After starting from square one I finally figured out that what I thought was a depriming resizing die
    turns out was a seating die that only resized a small portion of the case. I was never getting a total resize even though the rounds chambered in the firearm and
    fell right out nothing I had done several years ago was resized either. In all these dies there is simply not a resizing die at all. All of the bullet seating dies and there are
    4, only resize the top 1/4in of the case even set as far down as it will go and still operate the ram.
    So I will be reordering a brand new set of carbide dies, probably lee unless someone gives me a reason for something better thats not the reddings. I am after all
    just a working joe so they are kinda out of my price range atm. I also am still putting the 44 aside for a while as the two 45's acp and colt give me enough to
    get a tad more experience as well as not adding all the additional measurements for a third caliber right now. I've got a good start on the 45's and getting them exactly
    where I want them first is simplifying things for me a bit. Organization as Mr. Watson suggested above is a good thing.

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    Well the chrono is fubar. So tomorrows shooting session will be just simply working with the 45 colt 250gr keith lswc's over 8.5 unique. That load
    seemed to be best for poa/poi, in the last session. I have some 185 gr jswc's for the 45acp and some of the 200 gr lswc's over ~4.3 grains of
    WST that I wanted to check numbers on but for now will just shoot em for function as col is glitchy on the 185s. I can hand cycle them and they
    clunk when you chamber them on the barrel in the sig so the occasional ftf or whatever is just practice on malfunction clearing and I can certainly use that!
    Got email in to pact on the chrony, probably will replace the entire screen system as the box has always worked well, but that's gota wait on $$. Will update results in
    the coming week whatever happens. Going to try dot torture and some of the simpler drills for accuracy, just don't get to shoot often enough to do much on speed atm.
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    Original post in this journal for the round info.
    Shot ~150 of these today, 7yds and 10yds. They are just fun, no other way to put it. At either distance they tear one ragged hole out of an 8in target. Slow fire, as fast as I can get them off, Can't tell any
    difference in wwb factory fmjs and this load for recoil or noise. Were extremely clean burning.
    Now the downside. In 150 I had three ftf, two fteject, and one simply failed to fire. The fail to fire primer was a clean strike, even tried it several times, simply didn't get primer ignition, No clue about that one. Will pull the bullet but may never know. These have a really short col in order to feed in my sig at all. Longer and the bullet shape causes it to hang up on the ramp. In the ftf/fte cases every time I dropped the mag to clear the malfunction, the next round in the mag fell into my hand from the mag well. I believe that I may have the answer for that when I can get the chrony working again. I had about 20 of these rounds that were left over from the 4.2 grain test batch and unfortunately I mixed them into the 4.4 target loads when packageing so I can't help but wonder if that 4.2 load is almost to light to cycle these guys as I had one in 21 on the function test ftf.
    Whether I find the solution or not these are great for a sunny afternoon putting holes in paper for pennies, I will post the 45 colt information and results later in the week.
    One final note, I loaded the lswc's the same except for oal and they were abysmal. ftf, 2 in every mag, A couple wouldn't go into battery even though they passed the plunk test, and several that hung on the case mouth hard enough to ding the case mouth bad enough that I will be pulling them. I simply have never had good results with lswc's in the sig so I'm done with that. Only jacketed from now on, as it's simply not worth the frustration. All in all with the baby colt fun and all this a great day at the range!
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    Well the wife surprised me with an early fathers day gift and got the lee 44 mag four die set early as in couple of weeks ago. Upside, I now have the correct
    resizing die and have done two batches of 18 for testing. I don't have the exact oal numbers and such in front of me, but I did 18 with 9.0 grains of unique
    under 240 gr lswc's. I also did 18 with 13 grains of unique under a 180gr sierra jhc. These will work fine for testing function and a start on accuracy testing.
    Now the downside, I absolutely hate the decapping setup on the lee dies. even after degreasing the pin shaft I cannot seem to tighten it enough to keep it
    from slipping about every fourth or fifth primer decap. So what I am going to do on that setup is take a spare tool head and put the old decapping/seating
    die in by itself and just deprime all the cases after tumbling. Then I will just change to the full toolhead setup and run the rounds normally. Will take a bit longer
    but I'm not going to do more than a couple of hundred at a time even once I get the loads settled.
    The other downside has been that my finances for the chronograph got preempted by a sick puppy that required vet care so the chrony will not be until
    later in the summer or early fall. If I can't make that by deer season, then either I test the lswc's on a brisquit or just give up and use the rifle's one more year.
    I would like to eventually get it settled for use in a couple of ground blinds where distances would be less than 100yds. The 7.5 in ruger is much easier to pack in
    and out and manipulate in the tight confines of the blinds I have. The 3030 works but the ruger would just be easier.
    Have acquired some fmjs for the 45acp and have some 230gr lrn in .452. Next couple of weekends will build a couple of hundred each with wst, for some range time including
    a fast or two as I have acquired a timer finally and will be seeing where I am at with speed. I am prepared to be completely humbled but at least I will finally have a base
    line to give me where I need to practice my dryfire.

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