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Thread: FAST with a revo

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    Quote Originally Posted by 167 View Post
    The issue that I have had reloading with a belt mounted pouch is that when I clear the cover garment up, to clear the speedloader pouch, it falls onto the revolver, and covers the back of the cylinder because I index the gun off my lower stomach. When running from a pocket, I don't have clear the cover garment, so it isn't an issue. I could revisit the pouch thing though.
    I, too, used to index the weapon on the front of my abdomen, but at least since adopting the reloading method taught by Michael de Bethancourt, have stopped holding the weapon so low while reloading. Actually, I may have gotten away from indexing on my abdomen before learning Michael's reloading method, at the Snubby Summit in 2005. I should note that I still use the more-traditional revolver speed-loader reload with weapons larger that K-Frames, due to the geometry of my hands making it difficult to keep my index finger on the cylinder while maintaining a firing grip, but I index the weapon higher than my abdomen. (At age 55, I have noticed a bit of a flexibility issue starting to creep into this picture.)

    I got away from indexing the weapon at abdomen level when some instructor, be it Michael de Bethancourt or someone else before him,
    advised a higher index to mimimize the chance of looking downward. Even though I had always trained to reload while keeping eyes down-range, I understood the logic; if something snagged the re-load, it would be very human to reflexively look at the problem.

    Disclaimer: The peak of my revolver-ing was about 2005-2006, and I have not been paying consistent and close attention to the state of the revolver art since then, though I am returning more to revolver stuff as I am in the twilight of my LEO-ing career.

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    Damn good work, 167!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nesbitt View Post This is what I use, but I have an open front cover garment. It looks like the JOX would conceal better. For a few bucks you could get one of each and experiment with placing etc. I keep my speed loaders at about 2:30 or so, just in front of my holster. I also do a weak hand reload. I slide my hand in under the garment instead of pushing it out of the way. Maybe you could slide your hand up under your shirt and it wouldn't get in the way. I'll add again. That is solid shooting.
    I don't know why I didn't think of the thumb thing. I guess I have always been a grip and rip guy, so it didn't cross my mind. I worked it some in dryfire the other day to see how it works. PAR on the timer is 4 seconds, as that is my typical reload from a pocket.

    My dryfire reloads are always faster than my live reloads because the dummy rounds are more forgiving of misalignment with the charge holes. I will have to run it in live fire next and see how it shakes out.
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    That's pretty smooth.

    Here's my reload. I am mostly a competition shooter with revolver. I use an open front vest that is stiff. When I reach for my speedloader, I just slip my hand in like I am doing in the video. I keep my speedloaders on my strong side because that is where my revolver is after I dump the rounds.

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    Ok, I don't shoot revolvers as much as I collect them, but are there any good instructional videos/articles out there for keeping the revolver in your strong hand for the reload? I'd like to give that a try...

    OP-- Solid shooting.

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    I am using a hybrid of Michael de Bethencourts reload. I open the cylinder as he does amd place my thumb on the hammer. Since I have a 4" revolver with a full length ejector rod I do not elevate the revolver as much. So far that has not cause me any trouble with .38 Special or .357 brass.

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    Perfect, thanks.

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    Thinking about my reload. I made this video so I could see what happens. I open the cylinder latch with my strong thumb and I think I push the cylinder open with my strong index finger. I don't hold the cylinder while loading. I let it spin free. I have experimented to see where the cylinder ends up after opening and ejecting. It usually is the same place. I rotate the speedloaders in the holder so they line up with the cylinder. You can see in the video that the reload is slightly hung up part of the time, but the free spinning cylinder then lines up OK. I have the chambers chamfered. I put my thumb on the hammer to keep it out of the way. Good luck on your reloads.

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    Once we get moved and I'm settled into the new house, my plan is to run a sub-7.00 FAST with single action army clones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean M View Post
    Once we get moved and I'm settled into the new house, my plan is to run a sub-7.00 FAST with single action army clones.
    Ejecting the two spents, or just loading four fresh ones into the empty charge holes behind them? ("Just" I say, as though either way would be some sort of walk in the park. )

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