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Thread: 10mm 200gr Hardcast Load

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    190gr Cutting Edge solid

    Cross-posting this here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    The results from Cutting Edge copper solid 190gr lubed with Lee liquid Alox are encouraging. TLDR: no more low velocity fliers. My theory is that the lubricant prevents galling or wear products from causing transient increases in barrel friction. An added bonus to using the lacquer-like lubricant it likely makes the loaded rounds more waterproof (I also use primer sealant).

    (Use load data at your own risk. Work up to any load carefully.)
    8.6g 800-X (slightly compressed load)
    CCI LPM primers (based on previous tests, I expect similar velocity from non-magnum primers)
    Starline brass
    Bullets seated so the last ring is just visible above the rim. COL: 1.240"
    Average: 1158fps (sd 11)

    The bullets are highly uniform in dimension. Every one I measured was identical to 0.0001".

    The front ring measures 0.4005"

    The rest of the bullet rings measure 0.3990"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    In that Garrett loads their Defender bear load for the S&W 329 to 1,020 fps (out of a four inch barrel), I would gladly accept 1,100 FPS out of the 10mm hard cast load, especially if that was closer to the design envelope for that pistol, and was more reliable.
    Yea I have had to lower my 200 grain hard cast load to 1150 in my Glock 40 which is 1060 in a 5 inch Kimber 10mm I also own. To ensure reliability for both guns one handed and left handed. I have lowered this load 3 times started at 1270 was only reliable with 2 hands. Then 1200 was good in the Glock but not the Kimber. So far so good at the 1150 for the Glock and 1060 for the Kimber

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