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Thread: Outdoor Cooking (smoking, grilling, barbecuing, open spit, etc.)

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    Interested in anyone's experience with electric pellet smokers. Unfortunately charcoal is not an option for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donlapalma View Post
    I'm moving back into a house later in the year and I'm very excited about having a backyard again. I've decided to go with a Weber Spirit E330 mainly for everyday convenience. For charcoal, I'll get a Big Green Egg. I see a ton of guys use the Weber Smokey Mountain with good success on the BBQ competition circuit so I know it's capable. That could potentially be my third addition down the line. If I had a bigger backyard I would just straight-up build a smoke house. Ahhh...a dream for another day!
    The Spirit line used to not be up to par, IMO. I think they recently re-designed the Spirit and Genesis lines though so they may have made some improvements. I'm really liking the look and simplicity of the new Genesis II line though.

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    Grilling season started at least a month ago, at our house. I'm already working on the fourth bag of charcoal. The grill is just some cheap ball on legs with a chimney starter on the bottom. Putting the lid on makes things inside smoky. No thermometer, I just cook the meat until it's done. My steaks are cooked rare, the wife's, well done without drying them out. Chicken till it's no longer pink. Pork is cooked until it's done just enough to be tender and juicy. Fish is cooked until the meat just starts pulling way cleanly from the bone. I don't like dry meat. Veggies until they are hot all the way through, potatoes until they're soft. I like keeping things simple
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    What is this stall of which you speak?

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    It's a point in the cooking process where evaporative cooling of the meat causes it to hold at the same temperature for a (sometimes very lengthy) period of time, before continuing to climb once more. It can be bypassed by the use of certain techniques, e.g. crutching.

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    This thread reminds me... Pat Rogers used to say (paraphrased) that every male thinks he can shoot, fuck, and drive without instruction as some sort of birthright. I always added "and barbecue" to the list whenever I was in one of his classes.

    What I've often found interesting is that the guys that (incorrectly) seem to think they are natural-born experts at one invariably think so on all four.
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    Heh! Right now, I'm at the results stage. That is, I look at results to see if it came out right or not. I'm not yet knowledgeable enough to understand the science of what I'm doing
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    A great WSM resource is The Virtual Weber Bullet at It covers everything from lighting the smoker to some recipes. It served as a good introduction to learning smoking. I also got to spend a lot of time with a man who owned his own BBQ places and cooked more than once for the Country Music Awards, and he taught me a ton about everything from selecting meat to what to do during the cook to what to do after the cook.

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    We've got a large (not extra large) Big Green Egg. I use it for grilling and smoking. For either grilling or smoking, I use lump charcoal. It burns hotter and cleaner, in my experience, than briquettes. Steaks, we start a fire, open the vent all the way, dump more charcoal in and wait for the temp to climb. Once it gets above 600*, the meat goes on. 2-3 minutes per side depending upon the thickness of the steak. Once both sides are done, all the vents are closed and the meat sits for another 3-4.

    For smoking, I use a Guru on the BGE. It's a little electronic fan control that has probes for the pit and the meat. Load up the charcoal, drop some wet oak, hickory, applewood, etc... Set the pit temp to 225*, meat temp to whatever your cooking needs, throw a little more wood on when the smoke starts to die and 4-16 hours later you've got smoked chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, pulled pork or brisket. I like the BGE. If you get one, get the biggest one you can afford. Sell a kid if you have to.
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    My two favorite things to cook on are
    My ugly drum smoker that i use charcoal in and the fire pit at camp

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