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Thread: joshs' Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by JV View Post
    Same caliber.
    You win. I have not decided on what your prize is, yet.

    Today was my first serious practice session in a while. I went to the range last Friday, but it was just to make sure my new (to me) Gen 3 17 worked. Today, I actually got to practice, and it was awesome. I now remember how much I love pistol shooting. So:

    8/8/13 NRA Practice

    Goals: Check zero with carry ammo, 3x5 walk back to get used to new gun/sights, shoot lots of 1-reload-2, and end with FAST.

    Today was also my first day really shooting with a set of Trijicon HD sights. I've fired a couple of rounds through other people's guns that were equipped with HDs, but not enough to really develop an opinion. So far, I really like them. The rear sight notch is wide enough (I think it's .165) to get adequate light bars around the slightly wide .140 front sight, but it isn't so wide that it's difficult to judge if the light bars are equivalent. The sights are on the tall side as well, which I prefer. With shorter sights I have more trouble reading the smaller (vertically) light bars.

    I also like the rear sight design for the Glock HD sights. The angled cuts make it easy to see past the outside of the rear sight similar to a Warren Tactical rear.

    Since I just had the sights installed on the gun my first task was to check to see how well zeroed the gun was with my carry ammo. (124 gr +p GDHP) The gun was perfectly zeroed thanks to member chrismark420 from Nova Armament who installed the sights.

    Next I did a 3 shot 3x5 Walk Back Dril. I started at 10 yards and moved in two yard increments until I threw one shot high at 20 yards.

    Then I moved on to 1R2. I started with a bunch not for time and focused on simply doing everything right. This was also my first time trying a Tango Down/Vickers Slide Release. I haven't used them in the past when shooting Glocks because they aren't USPSA Production Division legal, but I've made the decision to shoot USPSA in Limited from AIWB, so I no longer have to worry about Production legal modifications. I only had one lock back issue (slide going forward too soon on a reload), but that could have easily been my fault or the fault of worn mag springs. Hopefully, I don't run into the problems that others have had with the TD slide release because I really like how much easier it makes locking back and releasing the slide.

    1R2 at 7 yards on 8 inch circle for time:
    3.47 1.50/1.72/.25
    3.47 1.46/1.79/.22
    3.13 1.35/1.57/.21
    2.95 (-1) 1.24/1.50/.21
    4.30 1.36/2.69/.25 The slide went forward as soon as my thumb made contact with the release to preload. I don't think I made contact any more forcefully than normal, so I think the slide stop was barely in the notch.
    3.32 1.43/1.65/.24
    3.23 1.40/1.61/.22
    3.01 1.30/1.50/.21 This made me really want to push for a sub 3 second run.
    3.23 1.30/1.62/.24
    At this point I realized I only had enough ammo set aside for 1R2 to do two more runs, so I really pushed to get sub 3.
    3.05 1.29/1.54/.22 So close
    2.90 1.15/1.51/.24 Success!

    This is about as well as I've shot 1R2. So I was quite happy to shoot it this well on my first day with a new gun. Apparently Todd and Tom are correct; the Gadget really does make you faster. :P


    6.86 (-1H) 1.70/.62/1.70/.24/.26/.28
    4.79 1.70/.61/1.69/.25/.25/.29
    7.85 (-1H, -1B) 1.85/.51/1.82/.24/.22/.23

    This wasn't so good, but I really think I let my success at 1R2 go to my head. I was shooting a new gun, and I tried to shoot sub 5 runs rather than focusing on getting hits. I'm still pretty happy with how well the practice session went.
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    For what it is worth, a G3 17, Gadget, minus connector, Vickers mag release, stock slide stop, Glockmeister grip plug and HD sights is my current blaster set-up. JV and Fred may disagree, but I think the Gen 3 trigger is enough better than Gen 4, that it is an advantage. Later Gen 3 pistols seem to have shrunk the accuracy advantage that Gen 4 enjoyed for a while. I also reload the Gen 3 faster. I would like to get the Gen 3 textured to hang onto it better in cold and wet weather.

    Welcome back to Perfection!

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    I forgot how slick the Gen 3 grips are, but I've also let my grip strength training slack. I can barely close a CoC 1.5 gripper now and I used to be able to close a 2 for multiple reps. I'm going to see if I can fix it with grip strength before resorting to grip tape or texturing. It works for Vogel. Did you have problems with the Vickers/TD slide release as well?

    ETA: I forgot to mention the one thing I don't like about the HD sights, which is Trijicon only offering the rear sights with green tritium. I much prefer yellow rear tritium for contrast.

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    15-Jan-2015 NRA Range

    50 rounds fam firing Todd's new Burton Commander, including a go at the DotW with a completely strange pistol with expected results.

    17.49 (-1H, -2B)
    10.42 (-1H, -1B) No slide-lock. I'm bad at math.
    5.71 clean

    50 rounds to get used to shooting G19 again. I also checked zero on new sights. (Warren/Sevigny Carry Rear w/ Dawson .105 wide, .215 tall front) I like the sights, but they were shooting 1" left at 7 yard with practice ammo. Need to bump the rear sight and recheck zero.

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    16-Jan-2015 NRA Range


    Zero VX-6 on new BCM ELW-F upper;
    Determine approximate subtensions of VX-6 No. 4 reticle to determine utility for holdovers;
    Setup SKD SMS sling to be usable in prone, sitting, kneeling, and off of range table.

    5 rounds to zero (55gr. Wolf Gold) at 46m;
    2 5 shot groups at 46m with SMS sling and mag monopod for support, both groups overlaid into about an inch (2 MOA);
    Posts on No. 4 reticle are about 3.5 mils from crosshair at 6x and well over 20 mils on 1x;
    15 rounds testing SMS sling in other positions;
    10 rounds testing utility of No.4 reticle for close range offset at 5 yards, PoI is about half way between crosshair and lower post.

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    20-January-2015 KSTG @ NRAHQ

    Goal: Win!

    As usual when a number of changes need to be made to the match during setup, I made a number of mental mistakes because I was thinking about match setup more than shooting the match. Luckily, there were very few shooters on the first squad, and I was able to shoot the match again without worrying about setup. The results show what a difference good v. bad mental game can make.

    Savani, Josh SA 61.64 20.80 0.00 20.80 1 15.86 1.00 16.86 1 10.45 1.00 11.45 1 12.53 0.00 12.53 1
    Savani, Josh SA 88.17 24.41 7.00 31.41 3 21.31 5.00 26.31 6 13.33 0.00 13.33 3 17.12 0.00 17.12 2



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