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Thread: I Wanna Load Fast

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    >> Still need to replace the tool head return spring

    Come and get it or I'll try to remember to put it in my range bag.

    >> Need to mess with powder funnel

    MBF funnel? Try 0.389" for MBF Funnel and coated 9mm.

    >> Play with shell plate tightness some more

    Why? I have a needle bearing kit for a 1050 I'm not currently using. Have you done the tie wrap mod?

    >> Load more ammo


    >> Need to chrono these rounds and make sure I'm legal for area 6.[/QUOTE]

    Tues or Wed, Thu HTF and Fri I'm off to Gabe's class.
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    This is why I love you and you get the Friday soecail for $20 cheaper than everyone else.
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    : self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies When it comes to safety, complacency can be dangerous

    So tonight I loaded for area 6. Normally you would load a few and then check everything and then start crankin them out. Tonight I skipped that part. The tool head bolt was loose. I loaded every round .25 over OAL.

    Sad face is sad. I'm out of bullets. Guanoloco says to reseat them, I'm worried something might be wrong with them beyond OAL. My tiny brain says there's not enough powder in them even though there is. This always happens before a major, always a mini crisis.
    i used to wannabe

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