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Thread: DotW 11: Bullseye Three Way

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    DotW 11: Bullseye Three Way

    Please read the rules before participating in this thread.

    Week 11: Bullseye Three Way
    results may be posted until 11:59pm EST on Monday 19-December-2011.

    Range: 25yd
    Target: B8 replacement center (download pdf here, courtesy Tom Jones)
    Start position: any
    Rounds fired: 30

    Time to dial things back after weeks of going fast, faster, fasterer.

    Using the provided B8 replacement, fire a ten-shot group at 25yd with no time limit and your normal 2-handed grip. Add up the score for all ten shots. Keep in mind that the "7" ring is visible but not identified, and the four corners of the target are technically the "6" ring. For hits on the line between two scoring zones, use the higher scoring value only if the grease ring of the bullet hole cuts the line between the two zones. Tears and other marks that are greater than the bullet's diameter do not count for scoring. Shots that do not hit the sheet of paper score zero. Do not use a standard B8 target, as it will give you more scoring area than the pdf provides.

    Then repeat on a second target but shooting strong hand only.

    Then repeat on a third target weak hand only.

    Please report the following when you post your results in this thread:
    • score for each string of fire
    • total score

    Training with firearms is an inherently dangerous activity. Be sure to follow all safety protocols when using firearms or practicing these drills. These drills are provided for information purposes only. Use at your own risk.

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    SHO & WHO at 25 yards. Sheesh!
    My crystal balls predict some ugly targets.
    "Take the message to Garcia."

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    Finally got to be the first one on the DotW (an accomplishment, since none of my scores have been an accomplishment).
    Only 2 problems with being the first.
    1) I didn't look at the DotW until I saw it on my phone at the range (no B-8, but I had a fix in mind).
    2) It was cold as crystal balls on my range and I have a nice pic to prove it.

    That being said, my stats were:

    HKP30L 9mm and gloves
    Standing and shivering on an angle to the left of the target, b/c I only had one place to put the target-on the walk way.
    Slow fire-only came to 'ready' 2-3 times per 10 shots. It was too cold to take too long.


    You'll see my 'fix' below. I had a 5" target on me and then I overlayed them to a B-8 when I got home and color-coded them with color pencil. I gave myself a few benefits of the doubt since my dots were smaller than the actual round.

    My Ice Skating Rink of a Range

    My Davinci Code Overlay

    All 4 Targets
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    Same thing here. I pulled up drill of the week on my phone and did not print out the replacement targets. I had to modify with a standard target, and if I can get to the range again this week I will do this properly. So because it was larger I just counted everything outside of 7 a mike. I had to just mark in between strings as I only had one of these with me. I also am going to try this with my carry ammo as you can see it seems like my gun may be unlocking early giving the high groups.

    Starting from ready with M&P 115gr Remington UMC

    String 1 - 92
    String 2 - 86
    String 3 - 66 (78 if I counted the corners)

    Total - 244


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    Start Position: Ready - HK P30LS V3 9mm - Factory Sights
    String 1: 89
    String 2: 47
    String 3: 24
    Total: 160

    Had to go to a new range this week to get out to 25 yards. Though I could feign disgust in my WHO & SHO skills, I'm apathetic about my performance. All of my shots were within the borders of the silhouette target I used as a backer, and if my WHO target was moved 8" to the right my score would be respectable. Perhaps its time to make SHO and WHO shooting more of a priority. Perhaps not. I just can't seem to get that worked up about it.

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    I shot this on a covered outdoor range this afternoon. Mid thirties with a wind coming off from the targets to the benches.
    Gun was my M15 two-inch with my .38 Special reloads. Fired single action.

    Two handed score was 83.

    Strong hand 64.

    Weak hand only 0.

    Total score: 147.

    Five of my weak hand shots were above the target and left.
    I shot the M15 quite a bit this year right and left handed. Most of it was on larger silhouette targets at 50 feet, or less. I see that doesn't translate to this drill too well.

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    Shot with my Gen4 G17 with a LW 3.5 connector and a Gen3 trigger bar.

    2 handed: 95

    SHO: 79

    WHO: 64

    Total: 238

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    Shot this using my M&P 9mm.

    Two handed: 86
    SHO: 75
    WHO: 59

    Total: 220

    When I initially scored this target on the range I thought that everything in the black was 10. Then I re-read the instructions from the earlier DoTW and saw the error. So, when you look at the pic's that's why everything in the black is lumped into one score (on the both-hand's target you see I totaled everything in the black to 7, SHO you will see a 4...).


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    Shot last night at West Coast Armory using the Gen4 Glock 21 with Remington 230 grain FMJ.

    String 1: 97-3x
    String 2: 67-1x
    String 3: 89-0x

    Name:  rage guy.jpg
Views: 978
Size:  75.6 KB

    Total score: 253-4x

    I shot the SHO string old school bullseye style, the way I had been taught back when I was shooting NRA Collegiate pistol. The results were ATROCIOUS. I was shocked at how bad the string was, but then I realized that I've spent the last 4 years teaching myself to shoot a very specific way with my right hand. I imagine that if I had shot it with a more aggressive SHO stance, I would have scored better than I did on the WHO segment. I have to say, I was pretty happy with the WHO shooting, only dropping 11 points.
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    Total: 285-11X

    G17 endurance test gun, Federal P9HST3 (124gr +p HST)

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