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Thread: Tau Development Group is now (officially) on PF!

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    Tau Development Group is now (officially) on PF!

    Tau Development Group is now a supporting business on PF (yes, I actually paid myself for the privilege ) and while this account will continue to be monitored by me (Tom_Jones), I am going to try to keep the two businesses separate and handle all Tau related stuff with this account. Switching between the two accounts may end up just being a big hassle, but I hope not.

    I've moved the giant Gadget thread here to this sub-forum and I'll be posting new Gadget/SCD (as well as other product) info here. Hopefully this will make PF look like less of a shill for the Gadget.

    The following URL is a shortcut to this sub-forum:

    FYI, the "custom" URL that redirects to a sub-forum is something that's available to all Supporting Business members that choose to have one.

    Stay tuned for more!
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