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Thread: STEVE TARANI - Edged Weapons Defense - Gray, ME March 2017

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    STEVE TARANI - Edged Weapons Defense - Gray, ME March 2017

    Coming up in March 2017, Howells Guns in Gray, Maine is hosting our good friend Steve Tarani, presenting his "Edged Weapons Defense" class. If you are familiar with Tarani, you know he is top of the list in the edged weapons/improvised weapons game. This is a great opportunity to train and learn with one of the best in the business at a fantastic state of the art facility. We can't always carry a gun on us so at some point we need to accept the importance of learning how to fight with other objects, and defend ourselves from knives and other weapons. If you are not signed up for this class, you should be!

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    I have trained with Mr Tarani several times, and learned a great deal on each occasion. He is very, very good.

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    This is an excellent class. HIGHLY recommended.
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