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Thread: More YouTube fun!!

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    If throat-punching other students with a loaded firearm is the presentation in a Level I course...what do they teach in a Level II course?

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    According to their website that guy spent 9 years in Force Recon. He must have been sick the day they showed them how to use guns.
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    I was trying to remember the game cover he ripped off at 0:05...


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    At 4:45 the message I get is "Trust your partner, but wear your armor in case he screws up".

    What a bunch of fucktards.

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    At least they post up lots of evidence for the negligent homicide case sure to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamara View Post
    It seems that standing next to the target is just routine now.My prediction is that really hardcore trainers will have people holding targets during "trust your buddy" drills by this time next year.

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    Their videos make a few things really stand out:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there a hospital nearby?

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    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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    Douche-jitsu with a gun...
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    This has to be a joke. The firearms training industry might have some interesting folks, but this is over the top, right? Right?


    The worst part is that their website looks professional, their trainers seem to have credentials, and they sure talk a good game. Someone who doesn't know what they're looking at could be reasonably impressed.

    EDIT: If I'm not mistaken, some of their videos seem to show them training Philippines government agents. I suspect they could do worse there, unfortunately.
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