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Thread: More YouTube fun!!

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    Holy shit, is there a mag in that gun when he's jabbing the dude in the throat?!?

    It seems that standing next to the target is just routine now.My prediction is that really hardcore trainers will have people holding targets during "trust your buddy" drills by this time next year.

    And what's this little waltz around the 3:15 mark? What exactly is that accomplishing? "I've got this guy grappling at arm's length, so I'm going to pull my heater out with one hand and hold it out where he can grab it easily and try shooting at something else while he's still squirming around and resisting in my weak hand."

    The piece de resistance, however, was the throw at the end: "Okay, come at me, bro! No, first put your foot right there..."
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    "Instant Replay"... of when someone almost died at a training class.

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    I personally love the photoshopped video game graphics with the dude's face in them.
    I shot the PX4 before it was cool.

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    They have 45 videos on their channel. Hours of fun...

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    I just can't watch this stuff any more. It makes my blood pressure go way up (which is not the response I want to condition in myself when I see dipshits handle guns), but mostly I'm just sickened by the notion these guys project: that the danger of your training is somehow proportional to the quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlweems View Post
    They have 45 videos on their channel. Hours of fun...
    NO NO NO NO.... My brain it burns.

    Why have a blue gun if your not going to use it?????

    It just goes on & on from there.
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    Just really goes to show that SouthNarc has very solid job security with idiots like this guy running around showing people epic fail moves.

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    Anyone see the video with the Crazy 88's gang leader in the white button down shirt and white tie?

    Seriously, i cannot believe anyone would be so huckleberry stupid that they would actually pay for this shit. I wont even refer to it as training...

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