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Thread: California is a Virus - WA State AWB

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    California is a Virus - WA State AWB

    Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson just announced his plan to ban the “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines…

    …and he is following the model that California just laid out.

    You can read a copy of the proposed ban here, but the highlights are as follows:

    Any semi-automatic centerfire or rimfire rifle with a detachable magazine AND an “evil” feature like a pistol grip, threaded barrel, folding or telescoping stock, or a flash suppressor or muzzle break is banned.
    All “large capacity” magazines (holding over 10 rounds) fall under the same ban.
    All previously owned “assault weapons” must be safely locked while in the home.
    The mere possession of “assault weapons” parts is banned.
    Any violation of the bill is punishable by a Class C Felony – up to a $10,000 fine and five years in a state prison.

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    Wow...that is an ignorant plan; can WA impeach their AG?
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    Goddammit... this is exactly the sort of thing I expected. Worse yet: Puget sound is going to vote en bloc the ignoramus party, and stick the entire rest of the state with this shit. Rat bastards.

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    Another administrative felon law.....just great. Usually, these are in places that don't like holding violent criminals accountable, but love making good citizens an overnight felon for no action other than an administrative violation that takes an item legally purchased and owned one day, and makes you a felon the next without a single irresponsible or violent act occurring. Sad.
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    I think AG Ferguson is prepping for a governor run in 3.5 years. Fortunately the Washington State Senate is in sort of non-progressive hands, this year.

    Who knows what the initiative process will bring. . .

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    I love WA and the whole PNW, but as a purple state King County and the surrounding fiefdoms rule the whole state. Look at what happened to gunshops in Seattle, it will spread. I really hope this gets killed off but all Cascadians should have always been prepping a little for the CA infection.
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    Maybe it's time for BREXIT or exit the SEATAC BS

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    Why can't these people just move to a country that already has these stupid laws? I'll chip in for the airfare.

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    The Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms released a statement after the event that said the call to ban assault rifles “plays on public fear.”

    “This proposal is about flash rather than substance, and these organizations know it,” said Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “They’re after trophy legislation, not any meaningful measure to stop criminals or terrorists. It’s a bad idea, penalizing the wrong people, while attempting to create and then exploit public fear.”

    Trophy legislation. Power politics, just to prove to themselves and their opponents that they are strong enough to make whatever stupid rule they want. Ethnic cleansing against those who may vote for non-Democrats in future elections.

    Pure evil.

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    Maybe California should just leave the union and then all the grasshoppers can move there. Too many beautiful places attract these parasites. I don't understand these people. I'm going to go read a Ralph Peters non fiction book to get the bad taste out of my brain. I saw Colorado being infected with this virus twenty years ago.
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