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Thread: coming back to shooting after upper body surgery

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    I've broken 3 collarbones over a couple decades racing & riding bicycles (2 right, 1 left). Everything you're hearing above is correct.

    Once you're cleared for more aggressive workouts the more pushups, shoulder exercises and even pull ups you can do the better you'll be.

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    Just beating on the point to make the point: If you have a good ortho (one who enthusiastically works with motivated patients, and most do) and s/he matches you with an equally good therapist, they can provide you with with PT that helps you generally recover quickly, and also with any specific therapies that might enhance your shooting (everything from grip strength, to draw stroke, to extension, etc.).

    Just visited my ortho today, after doing battle with a big limb that didn't want to surrender. Shoulder pain, but fortunately not rotator cuff. Seems after your mid-60s, body parts are not as limber as they once were. Who would have guessed . . .

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    The quickest way to get back on the horse is to do it right the first time and fully recovery. Getting on and falling off, with the same re-injury or making it worse, takes a lot longer to recover from. I have a pretty extensive history of making things worse by not fully recovering and using cortisone shots to mask problems.

    Shooting a .22 pistol or revolver with the right hand shouldn't be an issue for your left collarbone.
    <---Not very articulate.

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    I've had multiple surgeries to hands/wrists/shoulders/elbows in the last couple of decades. Most successful recovery was when I was young and dumb (duh). As I got older, it has taken longer and required more focus to recover. Last shoulder surgery after a year of the "same old" plan not working, I ended up at a therapist who specializes in athletes - he dealt with all the pro football and baseball players in the town where I was posted. In under 6 weeks I was not only back in business, but stronger and more flexible than before my surgery.

    It wasn't a miracle, it was science, applied by someone used to working on and with athletes.

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