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Thread: Rescued an RCBS Jr2 single stage

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    Rescued an RCBS Jr2 single stage

    $40. Built like a tank.

    It's fine, just needs a little cleanup. It will be replacing the Special 2 on the bench. The Special 2 is being gifted to a friend that needs it.

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    The Inline Fabrication Ergo handle is already ordered, but the Ulramount is too pricey for me at $75. If anyone knows of a cheaper solution to raise it up sans my genius plan to use wood blocks bolted to the bench, I'm all ears

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    Very cool. My Rockchucker didn't look much better than that when I bought it yet has provided me almost 20 years of good service
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    I've had my RCBS Jr. since I was 13 years old. It is what I currently load all of my precision rifle rounds on unless I need to full-length resize.
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    Going to use it to swage that mil 5.56 brass?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Going to use it to swage that mil 5.56 brass?
    Already doing so, review of the one press mounted swager that actually works forthcoming

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    I need that, looking forward to the review.

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    Found the year of manufacture stamp, 1967. Added it to the first post. Really freaking cool.

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    nice find. my single stage is a herters press from the 50's. love that thing

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    I have the same press, it was the first bench press I got after starting loading with a Lee hand tool. Mine was heavily used before I got it in the 70s. Never had any complaint whatsoever about it. Bought a spare to leave at family's place so Id have one handy when visiting.

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